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Author's Name: Richard W. Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6062-5

Publisher's Name: Outskirts Press

Testament is an exciting paranormal contemporary fiction set in present day style. It tells the tale of a young man named Thomas who finds himself in an unpredictable situation when he heads into work one night.

The first paragraphs grab my attention as the author heads right into the story, describing the character and leaping into the storyline.

The emotional conflict with the main character, Thomas, happens after he finds himself a vampire. He wanders into a church and finds the workings of God but he is conflicted as to what he has become. He preaches the word but hunts at night seeking only those unworthy to live. He feeds on people he feels would not be seen as good in the eyes of the Lord.

The main plot was clear and believable as the author went about telling the story in the eyes of someone who turned into a creature of the night while trying to make sense of it all and trying to hold onto humanity

The setting was very descriptive and it kept the reader at the time and place of the characters. Most of the story was written in modern day and when Thomas went traveling around the city at night, the author made it very descriptive.

The main character Thomas came alive, especially during his torment. He butt heads with his maker Jack and tried to convince him that vampires were also favoured in the eyes of the Lord. When Jack refused to listen, a bitter relationship started to grow between them.

With the main character and the two secondary characters, Jack and Lilith, through the dialogue, you could tell they were distinct from each other. You could tell that Lilith came from another background.

The story is written in the main character's point of view, Thomas. He gives the reader an account of what he's feeling and how he means to change living for the traditional vampire, against the better judgement of Jack.

The author did a good job in displaying the main characters thoughts and feelings. He also was able to describe the interactions with the other secondary characters so that the reader could feel their emotions.

Testament was a good book and every adult who loves the paranormal shouldn't miss out on reading this novel. If you're looking for action adventure, this book is for you. It combines the strength a man who is trying to defy the vampire he has become, and live the life he wants for himself, despite his maker and the ideas of the church. It is an intelligent, piece of drama that gets you thinking, keeps you enthralled, and entertained to the last word.

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