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Author: Cindy Higham
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0505-8

Delightful childhood memories bring forth images of making snow angels in snowbanks and creating paper snowflakes – big ones, tiny ones, fancy ones, colourful ones, and more.   Drawing the snowflake outlines, cutting the patterns, hanging the finished snowflakes on a cord across the window in my room, I was transported into a world of creativity, imagination and play.  Life hasn’t changed much over the decades as the fascination with snowflakes continues to unfold in handmade greeting cards, paintings, scrapbooking and even party decorations.

“Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts” is one in a series of three creative ‘snowflake pattern’ books by Cindy Higham who, after spending years showing people how to make their own paper snowflakes and copying hundreds of her unique snowflake patterns
for them, decided to put her patterns into books for others to enjoy.  And, “unique patterns” they are.   

In this book, Higham has created seventy-five snowflake patterns in a variety of themes and images: candy canes, candles, Christmas trees, bells, ice skaters, Menorah, wreaths, angels, reindeer, icicles, Chinese New Year, poinsettia, hearts, fleur-de-lis, stars, Christmas cactus, kites, windmills, airplanes, spaceship, spiderweb, iguana, porcupine, crabs, railroad tracks, ballet, knights of the round table, scarecrows, kaleidoscope, seashells, palm trees, totem poles, arrowheads, quilt blocks, carnations, chandeliers, chopsticks and more.

At the bottom of each page is a wedge-shaped pattern to trace and cut out – resulting in a snowflake that is made for 8 ½” x 11” paper.  No need to be concerned about having children do this activity for Higham notes that “You won’t need to use the point on the end of the scissor blade, so blunt-end scissors are great for children.”

An aside - as a card-maker, I would have welcomed a separate section at the back of the book with one or two smaller versions of patterns (in black, not in the lighter colour reproduced in the upper corner of each page in this book) together with one or two smaller versions of other patterns to make for easier photocopying and usage. Perhaps the author will consider such an addition in her next book for it could easily increase readership into the world of quilt-makers and scrapbookers who would likely find such an addition very helpful.

Creating the paper snowflakes from this book could be a fun activity for a birthday party, family get-together, holiday party, art group gathering, or a greeting card group.

Click Here To Purchase Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts