Author: Blume J. Rifken
Illustrator: Carl W. Wenzel
Publisher: Whirlpool Press
ISBN: 978-0-9796948-0-6

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Scarecrow Finds a Friend is the charming story and delightful tale of how when friends work together they can get problems solved.

Scarecrow is ready to rest after a long season of guarding the crops. He closes his eyes and dreams of his friend Tally the witch who had once granted him a Halloween wish. 

A strong wind blows Tally into the field which wakes up Scarecrow. The little witch has apparently granted so many wishes that she has lost her ability to fly. What she needs is for someone to now grant her a wish.

“When I was young my mother gave me a warning. She said I could lose my power to fly if I granted too many wishes. But she also told me there was a way to get my flying powers back. I never found out though.”

Between Scarecrow using his intelligence to come up with a plan and Tally who has mobility to get into places, they are able to figure out what seems like a fool-proof plan ensuring Tally will get her powers back.

Just when it looks like the plan may not work after all, another gust of wind shows the friends that with luck, perseverance, and working together as a team, miraculous events can often happen.

The pen and autumn-toned watercolor illustrations by Carl Wenzel in this book particularly add to the fun fall time of year atmosphere adding a heart-warming touch that both very young children and adults will appreciate.

Blume Rifken is a former fashion illustrator and attended the Syracuse University School of Fine Arts. She is the author of Silhouettes in America, 1790 – 1840: A Collector’s Guide. Blume and her husband reside in Lewiston, New York and enjoy attending periods plays all spring and summer at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada,

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