Author: Terry P. O’Grady

ISBN: 97809985531133

Publisher: Kaleidoscope Kids

 Imagine seeing the most magical creatures that light up the sky and the world. Imagine each of these magical creatures or faires having the ability to turn into the most amazing things. Some could become numbers and shapes while others change their patterns and colors becoming rainbows, moonbeams and an “explosion of colors,” making the world come alive. These special fairies came down to earth and heard the saddest sound. Children crying, yelling and shouting because they could not learn their lessons no matter “ how hard they all tried.” Author Terry P. O’Grady, found the solution by creating the most intelligent, creative and color kids in the entire universe to help all children learn. Let’s meet the Kaleidoscope Kids and find out how they used their special attributes to teach math, shapes, colors, and numbers and make learning fun and children smarter. 

Let’s meet these amazing fairies one at time and find out just how they can help children learn and make them love school. A secret that you should know is that once you get to know them and really listen carefully, as you should when you are in school to the teacher, you will definitely be much smarter and you won’t ever want to cry again. How is that!

Each of the fairies has a special quality and the author using the colorful and creative illustrations drawn by Rick Barrett, brings the fairies to life, provides a real example of what you need to learn and even more will definitely make you smile. As you meet number one you will learn that everyone is different and not everyone is the same. Kid number one believe it or not has the shape of a black line and how clever to name him Midnight. Number two will help you learn about shapes and will teach children how to identify a square and just how understand the addition example one plus one makes two. Now, if I gave away everything and told you about each and every fairy that would spoil your fun as a child and a parent to explore the book and meet all of these adorable and smart fairies yourself. But, just to entice you to read this book let me tell you about just two more of these great creatures. I love the color Tangerine.

Tangerine is the name of kid number seven who is round like a ball and dances seven circle dances and number eight is my favorite. She is beautiful and her name is Rose. Everyone wants to meet her especially on Valentine’s Day. Guess what! If you are really lucky and listen to her you might even get eight read hearts and a “pocket full of love.” Every child loves a gold star and number nine just might help you out. Her name is Goldie and she is a read gold star that glitters. The rest of the shapes, colors, numbers and lessons you will have to read and learn for yourself. The pictures really make the cute story come to life. The ending is priceless. I bet you want to know what will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Learning is exploring ideas, finding out the answers on your own and reading this great book with a friend, parent, and older sister or just by yourself. This is a great way to encourage children to learn to explore the world of knowledge and the unknown.

Remember this one important thing: whenever you are stumped and need them they will appear. Friendship, kindness, understanding are just some of what children can learn by reading this great book and really listening to these amazing Kaleidoscope Kids. Let’s hope the author brings them back for another adventure real soon.

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