Author: John Vorhaus:
ISBN: 978-0-307-71780-1
Publisher:  Crown/Random House

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Con artists, scams and much more make up this wild romp about Radar Hoverlander a first class con man. But, can a real con man go straight in the name of love? Can this man really change or will someone or something come between his new found ethics and morals to lead him back to the only way of life he knows: Conning others? With his con girl Allie, his true love they decide to go straight but his father, Woody has other plans for him which brings me to my review of The Albuquerque Turkey by author John Vorhaus.
All paths lead back to their beginning no matter how hard some might try different forks in the road that might change your final destination in life hopefully not leaving any pebbles along the way to find your way back to where you started. Defusing a domestic argument he witnessed on the street, Radar Hoverlander uses his creative guiles and guise to stop an armed man from killing his wife and child. Domestic abuse is wrong and regardless of his past or present Radar interferes and what happens next changes the course of his going on the path of the straight and narrow forever. End result he is now the proud owner of their dog aptly named Boy and the one man, namely him, who wanted to remain anonymous and off the radar is now front and center in a UTube video as the star leaving him wide open to not only be found but to be found by the one person who hoped to permanently escape from his father. So, the straight and narrow soon becomes the crooked and twisted as Woody reenters his life with the opportunity for him and some of his cronies to pull off the best grift/scam/hoax of a lifetime with a five million dollar bounty on his head will the trail run straight to him or will they succeed?
Told in the first person in Radar’s own words you can hear his voice coming through loud and clear and understand his frustrations, feel his anger and wonder why he
sticks around to learn the rest. Set up, kicked around and sucked by in, what happens next will surprise the reader, teach you a lot about scams and define the word Whale in a whole new light.

Vic/Mirplo is the man in question whose unconventional art becomes the talk of the town, hyped on the news and sky rockets him to fame with the flick of computer mouse, the use of the internet and some cleverly trumped up fake press enhancing his art career and making it seem successful. Vic, now roped into Whale Duty with his phony resume of accomplishments needs to learn how to play the tables, win a few hands and hopefully deceive the real high rollers before its too late. Radar the king of deception, will he succeed? Humorous, fast paced and filled with twists and surprises author John Vorhaus keeps the reader and cast of characters guessing throughout this novel. Radar and friends lead the reader on an inside tour of into the mind of a real grifter.
Phoning Wolfredian, the man his father owes, Radar sets the stage for the trap and ropes him in. Telling him about this young and brilliant artist whose apparent new found wealth just might solve everyone’s problems. Discussing just how they can as he states: “Pluck this bird: code name Albuquerque Turkey: hence the title of the book. Dealing with this man and getting hired as the casino’s host, Wolfredian would deal with his paperwork and the rest. Learning the ropes next and joining the staff of the Gaia, the scam was on.
Vic expands his art form to Christo like and skyrockets to success. Colors that is vibrant and loud in his work, super hype for his appearance at the Gaia, as their Whale. With Allie at his side, pretending to be his financial manager, Honey his father’s friend on site too, can they pull this off or are they all going down?
Whose side is everyone on? What exactly is a Pitch and Switch and how does this term come into play? Defined as taking a false item of value placing it in the hands of the mark, raise the value, get paid and get out. Vic’s place was cemented but next he needed his father to create the rest or the switch. What is was and who had it you will learn before the end result draws to a close and the players either win or fold. Just who is running this operation? What really happens you won’t see coming as scam upon scam and triple cross upon triple cross until the truth is revealed and the real con revealed. Who gets mooked? Wait and see. An ending so far out that you will certainly be reeled in when placing your bets on a roulette table that spins around and never stops to let you know which number wins. Read The Albuqerque Turkey and find out the final end game between father and son. This is one novel that will keep you entertained and guessing until the last page and place your bets Radar will be back for more.
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