Authors: Deborah Shilian and Linda Reid
ISBN: 978 1 933 515 89 2
Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

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Ana Pappajohn and her roommate Sylvie never expected that the end would be near for one of them just doing their job. But, neither had a nine to five office job. No, these two worked for what you might deem a highly paid service pleasuring rich men who needed a night’s fun or diversion. Not really wanting to continue in this line, Ana gets caught in the crossfire and he client a wealthy Senator has a heart attack and her roommate, while sending some damaging information to their boss gets caught, is murdered and left to burn in what the world calls the Santa Ana Wildfires or more aptly stated as in the title Devil Wind which is more deadly and costly than the devil himself.
Sammy Greene is smart, outspoken and was fired from her job as an associate producer on a TV show in Washington. But, moving to LA would prove quite interesting and even more dangerous to this young reporter. Receiving a call on the radio show she now hosts from midnight to three in the morning, telling of a burned body left for dead. But, there is so much more as Sammy Greene will learn as she enters a whole new world of politics, intrigue and murder. As one girl is left for dead the other’s client, a famous Senator has a heart attack and Ana must find a way out before it is too late. Having accidentally switched identities with her friend Sylvie would anyone know or find out her connection. Jeffrey Greene, Sammy’s father and real estate tycoon is close to our Senator hoping to change the wind or tide in the White House. As the Santa Ana Winds kick up and the world is getting ready for Y2K thinking the new millennium might bring the end of the world, one CIA operative hopes to instill and create fear in the public using scare tactics to create a client for his evil plot.
Her father, real estate tycoon, Jeffrey Greene is close to our second victim the Senator hoping to aid the CIA operative Albert Miller in his quest to create serious changes in the White House and hoping the current President would be out of office and their man in place. The wind kicks up in more ways than in on this story as Ana hides her identity, hopes her boss, will protect her. Identified as the burn victim causes her dad, Gus Pappajohn to join forces with Sammy in what will be dangerous and deadly murder investigation. Trina Greene, Jeffrey’s wife is quite connected and powerful and when he needs pressure put on someone or the right calls made, she handles it in her own way. When Neil Prescott does not want to help him close a lucrative deal with the Navy, Trina does more than put the
squeeze on this powerful man. Capturing your attention from the start as the plot thickens, the characters become more developed and Sammy, Gus and Jeffrey are now caught in more than just several webs of deceit as one Saudi is threatened and enlisted to create what could be a catastrophic event right before Y2K. Called the resonator, this deadly piece of equipment when launched can magnify the shock waves of a quake and you can figure the end result will be more deadly than the horrific winds and wildfires that plague Santa Ana each year.

Tenacious, persistent and diligent, Sammy realizes that Ana’s death was anything but an accident and delving into further with the help of her close friend Dr. Reed Wyndam, she learns even more about this deadly murder obliterated and veiled by the tumultuous wind storms and wild fires cascading throughout Santa Ana and leaving nothing but ash in its wake hiding the harsh reality of what really happened.
A plot so covert, evil and vividly planned targeting thousands of innocent lives and sacrificing them for their greater good or financial gain. A President in name only and a State Senator and a rogue CIA agent so corrupt and power hungry that they will go to any lengths to carry out their plans. As Sammy along with the police and Ana’s father investigate her death, more information falls into place and other lives are in danger. A mass explosion bringing down the Canyon City Tower and a similar explosion at a hotel the previous year raise Sammy’s suspicions as these unexplained explosions were not accidental or structural related.
One young Hollywood Teen Idol named Courtney Phillips caught in the crossfire as our assumed burn victim seeks her help in order to find out the truth about her roommate’s death and why Madam Kaye wants her dead. One disc that she found in her apartment that could blow the world of many of her clients stronger than the Santa Ana winds can create a dangerous and blinding windstorm. How will this all play out? Just wait and see.
Authors Deborah Shilian and Linda Reid keep the reader in suspense as this plot filled with lies, deceits, cover-ups and tangled webs will keep one investigative reporter searching for answers and never stopping until the bang of the resonator is silences and the danger to LA has passed.
An end result that will send heavy winds and hot burns down your spine as these two outstanding authors, their one unbelievably strong character keep the reader on edge until you find out what does happen to everyone right before Y2K is supposed to take place. Will it be a Happy New Year? Will the resonator cause an explosion with irreparable damage? Read the Devil Wind: Hold On Tight: You Don’t Want To Blow Away! Let’s hope they bring Sammy back for more.
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