Author:  G.A. McKevett
ISBN:  978-0-7582-3810-8

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This is the sixteenth book starring Private Investigator Savannah Reid, and readers will all be thinking as they close the cover on this one that there will hopefully be a seventeenth, eighteenth...does infinity ring a bell?  For those living in a cave, Savannah is a plus-size detective and one of the funniest, smartest, most enjoyable characters that's offered in the world of cozy mysteries.
In this newest offering, Savannah is hired by the granddaughter of Helene Strauss, an eighty-year-old businesswoman and creator of the very popular Helene doll.  Ms. Strauss is a shrewd woman who is immensely brash and as funny as Savannah, herself.  There are some odd things happening to Helene in this book - suspicious events that seem to allude to the fact that Helene has been marked for death by a clever killer who's making it very difficult for Savannah to uncover. 
the case begins, Savannah doesn't exactly get any co-operation from the high and mighty Strauss family - most especially Helene, herself.  Helene simply has that smart businesswoman persona that makes her an extremely hard person to please, even though she needs Savannah to find out why exactly she's being stalked.  Savannah quickly discovers that there have been many stressful relationships within the Strauss family for years.  Helene's niece, Ava, has worked her behind off and scratched and scraped her way into the management of the family's illustrious doll company, which makes a great deal of money.  But Ava seems to be moving the company into a completely shabby realm.  In fact, the newest Strauss doll in the famous Helene line is a sultry fashion doll that comes with an excessive sexy wardrobe and a brand new, almost pornographic figure  (Seems that Barbie isn't the only one who looks good in a bathing suit).  Helene is understandably upset at this new doll because she's always prided herself on elegance and class, and she is trying with all her might to stop production on this atrocity.

With the help of her friend Detective Dirk Coulter, Savannah soon finds out that Ava is not the only family member with a motive to get rid of Helene.  In fact, there are quite a few that surround her who have their own eyes on the profitable business.  And, boy, would they just love to inherit by any means, fair or foul.  As Savannah begins to unravel the case, two of the important players end up dead in a jacuzzi, and she finds herself investigating every branch of the Strauss family tree.
This, as always, is a wonderfully fun read.  But - as always - the best part of the whole story is our leading lady.  Savannah is an intriguing and sassy heroine and offers readers a great time.  Highly Recommended.

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