Author: Samuel Lopez

Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-158985-160-3

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The Miracle of the Little Kitten is one of the True Stories About Saving Animals series by Samuel Lopez. He and his wife Cheri live on a one hundred year-old farm known as the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. It is their mission to rescue lost, abandoned, and injured animals. Those who cannot find a new permanent home are always guaranteed a home on the farm.

The Miracle of the Little Kitten is the story of one particular kitten that came to Farmer Samuel’s farm. For four days, Farmer Samuel could hear the cries of the kitten, but was unable to locate him. Finally, their dog found him and brought him to the house to be cared for. He was very young and tiny, requiring bottle feeding with kitten formula. They named him “Miracle”.

Caring for Miracle for over a month, Samuel and Cheri helped him grow big and strong, until he was ready to be adopted. They take him to town where he can find a good, loving home.

The story uses a mix of child-like illustrations, interspersed with real photographs of Miracle. I think children will enjoy the illustrations and go crazy for the adorable pictures of the baby kitten.

The book can be used to teach children to be compassionate toward animals. It can also be a springboard for discussion about care of kittens.

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