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Author: Cindy K. Dhillon
ISBN: 978-1-4525-3694-1
Publisher: Balboa Presss

One very nice thing about this book is the cover. It represents a winged bird in flight, possibly the proverbial phoenix. The brilliant winged structure in blazing red is superimposed over a yellow background with similar birds with lighter hues. The cover reflects the author’s artistic talent- she has held several exhibitions of her work.

Supplementing her artistic activities, the author attempts in this debut, to channel her creative talents to writing about her own experiences connected with paranormal phenomenon. In this endeavour, she mentions her own memories of a past life as a Red Indian Sioux warrior. She also talks about her love for her grandmother and visitations of the latter after her passing. Next, she describes her experiences with UFO’s at a retreat in Sedona, Arizona. Later on in the book, she narrates how, at a Native American dance festival, she managed to capture on camera, a number of spirit orbs. Interspersed among the author’s personal experiences, are similar accounts of other paranormal phenomenon that have been witnessed by people associated with the author, and her own commentaries on the above experiences in particular and the unwritten rules that govern Life in general.

There is a lot of information in this book. Very interesting and relevant information too, for instance, information connected with the Mayan Calendar end date, the extraterrestrial origin of humanity and many other well known and lesser well known nuggets. Unfortunately, she does this in a very disjointed manner. Motley pieces of the puzzle pieces of her reality are ham handedly put together, the only link between the puzzle pieces of information being the author or some acquaintance of hers, having lived through the experience, thereupon conferring the aforesaid phenomenon with a modicum of credibility.

The text seems contrived, lacks coherence and has a “me too” flavour to it, as regards self-development and spiritual issues. For instance, she says several times that she was a rebellious child, but never explains why and how. The language used in the book, is not upto the mark, sometimes even as regards basic grammatical rules. There are some quite egregious spelling mistakes as well. This book needs a good editor; that job as regards the existing form of the book is shoddily done, to say the least.

This book might appeal to many on the spiritual path, who, in their search for existential meaning need to have metaphysical facts displayed in a specific form in order to ingest them. It could show them, quite convincingly, that the little things in Life matter and need to be given attention if one wishes to see the larger picture and purpose of one’s Life. For the discerning and sophisticated reader, who want their facts watertight, this book is not for you. It is recommended that you look elsewhere.

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