Author: Kath Russell
ISBN: 9781450563093
Publisher: Create Space

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How dangerous can it be to walk your dog? What could possibly go wrong? Nola Billingsley owned her own company, which went belly up. One of her employees cleverly stole data, information and funds right from under her nose and caused the downfall of her company. Doing credit checks and background checks were not enough when it came to Roger Chen.

Unfortunately, Nora learned this a little too late. Which brings us to her next predicament. Just how dangerous is it to walk your dog? Not very unless you find a headless man while walking her dog Skootch which if attached to the body not far away belonged to the employee who was stealing from her. So, I guess Nola would not really be too unhappy with Roger’s end result but she is dragged into the investigation that deals not only with solving the murder, but fraud and much more. Nola learns that those credit and reference checks did not reveal this man’s secret past, his accomplices and scientific secrets. Added into the mix is one police detective named Robert Harrison that wants Nola to leave the detective work to the professionals but anyone that knows and understands her will realize that is not going to happen.

 Nola is an expert in the field of biotechnology
and is quite adapt at dealing with companies that need help in communication skills, public relations and helping corporate CEO’s communicate with clients. But, Nola is not satisfied with just this end of biotechnology when she opens a packet of herbs meant for Roger, used to enhance a male’s sex drive and more and what this leads to you won’t believe as Nola and her biotech friends decide to embark on their very own investigation of Roger’s murder. But, Nola enjoys the company of one detective who has other ideas for her rather than detective work.

As Nola becomes more involved in working with Screen Leaf, she learns of Roger’s connection with that company, his co-workers, their CEO, CFO and his ex-girlfriend who works for the Ancient Turtle Company that creates some of these herbs for people to use. However, Roger did not come from poor stock and his family is very prominent in the Chinese community causing Nola and the reader to wonder why he chose to steal funds from her and what he did with the company secrets he might have gleaned from her files. What was his true purpose in coming to work for her and what was his true connection to Screen Leaf? As Nola persists in her own investigation of his murder, she begins to realize that the corporate heads of both of these companies are shady and unscrupulous much to the chagrin of the detective she is dating who wants her to back off and let the pros do the work. Added to this is her endearing mother Janie Belle and her dog Skootch who consumes some of the herbals and whose reaction is more powerful than that of Viagra for men.  

The are many links in this chain of deceit as author Kath Russell takes the reader on tour of the biochemical industry, the deceit that goes on behind closed doors, the hackers who are adept to breaking into security systems and bypassing firewalls and one man Roger Chen linked to all of the companies involved. As Nola persists on trying to find out what exactly Screen Leaf and the other companies involved are really selling, profiting from and more, Harrison reminds her she is not a cop and should back off. But, our Nola is persistent and keeps delving into the inner workings of all of these companies and what she finds out will astound the reader, put her in grave danger and possibly destroy her relationship with Harrison. With a group of loyal biotech friends and experts Nola forges ahead to find out the real cause of the industrial thievery orchestrated by Screen Lean and Ancient Turtle which includes industrial espionage, manufacturing pharmaceuticals that were knockoffs of the real thing and stealing projects and files from just about every biotech company in the world.

What the Chinese government is looking for and doing using the herbals will not endear you to them any time soon. Creating a vaccine that they Chinese would claim as part of a public health vaccination program would deceive their population and create the desired effect you will have to read and learn for yourself. Well crafted with characters that are well defined and one woman who gives a new meaning to persistence and justice: Jessica Fletcher, Agatha Christie and Ms. Marple move over because Nola Billingsley is definitely a force to be reckoned with, here to stay or just maybe might follow the trail in pursuit of one man.  Can’t wait for the next Pointer Mystery.

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