Author::  Dorothy Howell
ISBN:  978-0-7582-2378-4

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Another hysterical offering in the Haley Randolph Mystery series! 
Let’s be honest…besides Mr. Darcy, women’s two favorite things are purses and shoes.  So it comes as no surprise when Haley Robinson, who is thousands of feet in the air flying back to her home in LA, comes across an ad for the latest Sinful handbag about to appear on the market that Haley wants nothing more than to pull the escape hatch and get to the store as fast as possible before they’re all sold out.  Of course, besides the fact that she’s high in the sky, she’s also unbelievably broke and knows that the Sinful brand is way too high a price for her to own.
Haley has left her boyfriend Ty back in Europe.  Ty Cameron is part of the family empire that owns Holts Department franchise, and has just opened a new upscale clothing store.  Leaving him in Europe, Haley travels back to L.A. sitting by the side of Ty’s grandmother Ada, who is literally a hoot and a howl.
they land, through various circumstances, Haley gains possession of Ada’s Mercedes and heads into work at Holts in order to pick up some items Ada needs while ducking her boss in order to take a personal shopping day devoted to attaining the Sinful bag.  What surprises Haley the most, however, is not the high price tag of the item she craves, but the fact that she finds a dead woman stuck inside Ada’s trunk.  …There goes the shopping day.

Soon Haley is once again embroiled in a mystery that points directly to her as being the guilty party. Tiffany, the victim, is a woman who left behind a lucrative life and stable career and appeared in LA to become part of the Holts’ workforce.  But to end up in a trunk, and have a “link” to a man who supposedly got into a traffic accident and burned to death in his car, is as far out of a mystery as Haley can imagine.  With the FBI on her tail, and an ex-boyfriend who is clearly up to some kind of espionage, the paths become many and the amount of suspects grow.  All the beloved characters are back including some new ones.  Ben, the intrepid reporter who knows there’s something more to this than meets the eye; Shuman, the hot and spicy detective who Haley would love to actually be “cuffed” by; Kirk Keegan, an ex-coworker of Haley’s who wants to exact revenge; and, an old Southern family who arrive on the scene to take their Tiffany home.
Absolutely hysterical describes this story, especially the contest that’s going on inside the department store where Haley has to get an A-plus in her customer service and impress a secret shopper in order for the staff to get a big prize.  The mystery won’t be solved until the very end, readers!  Another home run for Dorothy Howell!
Click Here To Purchase Shoulder Bags and Shootings (Haley Randolph Mysteries)