Author:  Jennifer Chase
ISBN:  978-0-9829536-0-0
Publisher:  JEC Press

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Woof.  Man’s best friend gets a special look in Chase’s third crime-thriller, Silent Partner.  Not only does this award-winning author give you a great story, she shines the spotlight on those wonderful dogs that help the police, namely the K9’s.
Megan O'Connell and Jack Davis have known each other from early in life.  As children, Megan and her sister Teresa witnessed their father brutally murder their mother.  Megan now wears the scars of this incident into adulthood in the form of agoraphobia (fear of public places).  Jack, the quintessential hero (handsome, brave, strong – sigh!), becomes involved with Megan once again when her sister Teresa is brutally murdered in their shared home.  Suspicion falls on Megan.

Jack now works for the local police department as a K9 officer.   He puts his career in jeopardy by resuming his relationship with Megan.  He believes Megan to be innocent and works to find the true killer.

Enter psychopath Darrell Brooks.  He’s currently enjoying a cat-and-mouse game with the police.  He’s evil.  He’s twisted.  You’ll love to hate him.