Author: John Diamond, M.D.
Publisher: Enhancement Books
ISBN: 1-890995-17-7

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Diamond’s approach as a holistic healer is clearly evident in his work Facets of a Diamond: Reflections of a Healer, in which he insists on the capacity of patients (or “sufferers,” as he prefers to call them) to heal themselves, with the assistance of a qualified and committed professional who is able to facilitate the unbundling of any blockages in the Life Energy system. As a basic tenet of this text, Diamond declares his belief that “all suffering, whatever its particular form, can best be alleviated by helping to enhance the sufferer’s Life Energy, his own healing power.” The book explains not only the author’s background and ways of healing, but it is also intended to free up the readers’ understanding of why they may actively participate in predisposing themselves towards illness, as well as how to overcome such tendencies.
Diamond’s target audience with this work is anyone who cares about their own mental, physical and spiritual health, as well as about that of others. The manual to hands on healing is fluently written and accessible
to all. Each of the fifteen chapters is clearly split up into a number of clearly marked sections that have self-explanatory titles. The text contains several of the doctor’s own poems, written in free verse, and most of the sections are prefaced by quotations from experts in the field of holistic healing, as well as in complementary disciplines. His understanding of the importance of music and the other arts in such healing is clearly shown throughout the work, and most notably in two chapters on creativity and on aspiration, music, and the pulse. Above all, Diamond practices what he preaches, and includes many anecdotes relating to his healing work, as well as to that of others.

Diamond clearly explains the meaning and etymology of all key terms that he uses, although the book would have been even more helpful if he had provided both a glossary and an index, neither of which is currently present. The formatting of the text, however, is pleasant on the eye, a clear font is used throughout, and the spacing provided is ample for providing your own notes. His work is both inspirational and cathartic. It is also both brave and honest, in that he does not hesitate to indicate where traditional medicine and psychiatry have, in the past, failed those who are suffering, even to the extent of said experts in such fields having sometimes fallen prey to the same ailments of which they have tried, unsuccessfully, to rid their patients.
Dr. John Diamond has a long and esteemed career behind him, and is seen as a pioneering figure in alternative and holistic medicine. His experience can truly be seen as multidisciplinary, embracing aspects of medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine, the humanities, holism, applied kinesiology, acupuncture theory, spirituality and the arts. Facets of a Diamond: Reflections of a Healer is a remarkable work by a remarkable man, who is as compassionate towards others as he is erudite and intelligent. If you are interested in your own health, as well as that of others, do not miss this work—taking responsibility for one’s own health is of prime importance to the sustainment of a healthy planet.           

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