Author:  Sylvia Day
ISBN:  978-0-7582-3172-7

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In 1818 London, a man by the name of Jasper Bond works as a thief-taker; a man who offers security to people who need it and does everything within his power to find what is lost, as well as uncover the secrets that are hidden by others.
As we begin our story, the amazingly handsome Mr. Bond goes to meet a local person who desperately needs his help.  As this amazingly sexy man wraps his gloved hand around the eagle's head on top of his cane and walks into St. George's cathedral, he runs directly into a woman by the name of Eliza Martin and her uncle.  Jasper is completely intrigued as he sits with Eliza who tells him immediately that he is far too good looking for what she needs.  This beautiful redhead who is a very wealthy woman wants suitors to leave her be so that she can get through this, the sixth and last season that she has to date and look for a significant other, and then be left alone. 
Eliza has had a horrific time as of late.  She knows she needs protection from someone who is a predator who seems to want to scare her silly.  Setting her up
with a snake in her bedroom, a broken saddle that almost made her fall during a ride, and other small "accidents" that could harm Eliza, have happened to her all Season.  A suitor that could walk around with her and investigate who the culprit is that's trying to harm Eliza is someone she needs, yet Jasper is indeed a man with the looks and heat that make the normally steady Eliza forget everything except him. 

Jasper makes Eliza a deal and convinces her that he's the thief-taker she needs who will find the culprit and stop the "accidents" from happening.  There are fortune hunters aplenty after the woman's money - including Montague who is a young man that Jasper is trying desperately to destroy because of their past.  As they each unveil each other's history, Eliza and Jasper find themselves falling deeper and deeper into a love that neither can understand.
The passion is amazing in this fantastically written novel.  Eliza is an extremely strong character with an intelligence that holds her far above the rest of society; and, Jasper is a strong, handsome man who has come from nothing to become one of the most eligible bachelors in town.  The romance between the two will keep all readers glued to the page, and the mystery involving who, exactly, is out there dying to hurt Ms. Eliza for reasons that the reader will never guess makes for an imaginative, fun-filled mystery that will keep readers completely engaged.
Ms. Day has done an extremely remarkable job with this romance.  From the costumes to the dead-on language, to characters that are not easily forgotten, this wonderful, creative author has produced a romance that all readers will want to delve into and not put down until the very last page.  Enjoy!

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