Publisher: New York: Guideposts

ISBN: 978-0-8249-4809-2

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 This treasure trove of encounters with various aspects of the Christian faith, written by 55 contributing writers from all over the USA, is so captivating that it is highly likely that you will find yourself wanting to read more than one day’s entry at a time. The contributors range widely in the paths that they have chosen along life’s way, yet all are bound together by their solid belief in the one true Savior, a belief that has enabled them to survive many a storm.

In a section called “Friendship Corner” we are introduced to all the contributors one by one, as they recount what the key elements of the last year have been for them and their loved ones. The personal focus in this section of the book allows one to come to know them as friends and companions on the journey that the reader takes with the Lord. Told in direct speech, the entries round out the lessons that the contributors share with us as we traverse the year with the assistance of this invaluable guide to Christian living that provides a one-page devotional lesson for each day of the year.

Though the encounters are each unique, the style of the whole book is marked by its liveliness, humor and sense of compassion for, and empathy with, others. Each entry consists of a single true, first-person story, starts with a single Bible verse that inspires reflection, and ends with a short, relevant prayer of the contributor for the day. In addition, there is a range of special features that provide additional insights into different aspects of Christian living, as well as short contributions made by readers of previous Daily Guideposts. The special features include lessons in downsizing, coping with change, overcoming disappointments, surviving depression, renewing marital commitments, and moving home. In addition, Mary Brown ponders the seven images of Jesus starting with “I am …” during Advent.

Guideposts is a non-profit organization that reaches out to millions of average Americans in their homes each day to inspire, encourage and uplift them, helping them to overcome any challenges that they meet along their way. Daily Guideposts 2011: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional is wholeheartedly recommended for any person who wishes to strengthen their faith in the year ahead. This volume is the 35th anniversary edition of the work, which was first conceived as a collection of Fred Bauer’s reflections on the importance of faith in his own life.

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