Author:  Erica Miner
ISBN:  978-1-933449-73-9

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From the minute I began reading this book, I was taken back to a time period where my closest friends and I were:  walking down the school hallways dreaming about all the wonderful things that would happen in our future (when we got out of the “stuffy” old school; gossiping in my best friend’s bedroom in the middle of the night about the ONE’s that we were madly in love with; and, the dark movie theater where we giggled about something that was way more important than the movie, upsetting all the people around us who actually wanted to hear the movie.  This is that kind of fantastic novel that is so well-written that the sights, sounds, anxiety, and dreams of yesterday come to the forefront of your mind.
It is the 1960’s, one of the most tumultuous times in history – especially for teenager’s who thrive on angst.  Jessica is a violinist and her best friend is Marguerite, a master at the cello.  They met in a special school for gifted students and have been friends ever since.  Now, Tamara and Jessica have been friends since they were ten years old, although they have grown apart recently because of how different their interests became – sort of like apples and oranges as they grew older – but they’re still very close and care a great deal for one another.  Rachel makes up the foursome; she’s one of those outgoing, fun girls who just loves life and doesn’t want to waste one moment of it.  When they met Rachel, the group went from The Three Musketeers to the FourEver Friends.