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Author: Doug Hewitt

ISBN: 978-0-9814725-7-7

Publisher: Aberdeen Bay

Doug Hewitt takes a seemingly dull and typical dead-end occupation of insurance fraud investigation and turns it into a run-a-way excursion into murder, illegal chop shops, and crime wars—the underbelly of America’s motor-city Detroit.   Hewitt’s bigger-than-life character, Jack Thigpen’s day to day problems lends realism to this wonderfully written mystery.

Jack Thigpen runs his own insurance fraud investigation business, specializing in auto insurance fraud—not what one would call a lucrative business by any means, so he doesn’t hesitate to accept an assignment from Ted Meade with the claims department of a local insurance company.

It doesn’t take Jack long to figure out that this case has more involved than what meets the eye.

This assignment seems to entail much more than mere padded claims adjustment claims. 

Not only is Jack’s business beginning to drag him down, his personal life is quickly becoming a tattered flag that has been left too long in the strong winds at the top of the flagpole.  His estranged wife of six months has finally confronted him with divorce proceedings and his doctor has just recently diagnosed him with CJD, a terminal disease that has killed his grandfather and uncle.  Having no animosity towards his wife, compassion won’t allow him to burden her further by disclosing the fact that he has just weeks to live.

As Jack’s investigation becomes more and more confusing and his health is steadily declining, he accepts the offer of help from his best friend and ‘adopted’ brother, Hal Booker.  In the ensuing investigation of what appears to be an auto accident set-up, the two men draw fire from an unseen assailant and Hal is shot and killed.  Now Jack has a murder investigation on his hands and a deep wound in his heart for the loss of a dear friend.

Although, he regrets having to involve his brother, Tom, Jack needs help now more than ever.  He manages to keep is brother out of the line of fire as he delves deeper and deeper into what turns into a job he may not be able to complete before he is either killed or dies of CJD.  What began as a simple case of insurance fraud quickly takes on the appearance of a contract hit and Jack is in the crosshairs, but who and why would someone want him dead when he had only weeks to live? 

The Dead Guy is one murder mystery that you won’t want to miss.  You can almost feel the horror that a person must feel when they know ‘when’ they are going to die—a horror that makes attempted murder take on lesser meaning.  Take it up; you won’t want to put it down ‘til the end.

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