Author: Roberta Grimes

Publisher: Greater Reality Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9802111-1-5

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According to Grimes, “death is a brief illusion of separation from those we love; at best, it is a glorious new freedom. But it is not in any sense an ending.” Grimes originally set out to write Chapters 6 through 8 (The Death Experience, The Start of Your After-Death Life, and Some Enjoyable Details) of this book, as a large-print, illustrated text, which she could give to dying people to help ease their fears and better prepare them for what, according to her, is “life’s most enjoyable adventure”. She soon found, she says, that to write for the dying and make the whole account credible required that she tackle the rest of the book. The resultant text is one that is very much for the living.


The first chapter of the book uses both scientific and religious facts to validate and further reinforce what after-life evidence tells us. Chapters 2 to 5 tie the afterlife evidence to the reality that we think we see. Chapters 6 to 9, as listed above, discuss the dying process and what happens to us soon after death. However, Grimes advises against taking one’s one life, as that definitely is not fun.


Grimes urges us to open our minds to the truth, so that we can overcome our belief-based anxieties. She asserts that nothing that she says in The Fun of Dying is based on the teachings of any religion. Everything mentioned in the book appears in lay sources, with the Gospel words of Jesus, or Yeshua as Grimes refers to him, only being used to support and further illustrate the evidence of the last century and a half to which she briefly alludes. The reasons for her writing the book are to overcome fear and ignorance about death and dying, to encourage her readers to forgive completely and to learn to love others universally, and to advise them how they can guard against becoming earthbound spirits.


Grimes concludes her book with two suggested study guides to encourage her readers to undertake their own research in this regard. Her first study guide consists of an annotated bibliography, firstly of four key resources that she has found most useful on the topic of death and dying, and then of fifty-odd other books that she has also enjoyed and found useful. She has arranged her descriptions of the books into the following categories: the nature of reality; consciousness as the source of reality; the nature of your mind; near-death experiences; deathbed visions; after-death communications; Instrumental Transcommunication and Electronic Voice Phenomena; group contacts; accounts received through deep-trance mediums; first-person accounts received through automatic writing; reincarnation; spirit possession; learning how to forgive; and learning how to love. Grimes’ second guide throws light on the teachings of Yeshua in relation to God; the importance of love and forgiveness; the need for humility; the nature of our minds; the afterlife; clergymen and religious traditions; his own death; the way to salvation; and his mission.


Grimes’ work should appeal to those who are open-minded in their approach to life and death. The Fun of Dying is written for the layperson, and is brief and easy to read. Thought-provoking and insightful, the book deserves to find a home in all general resource centers and libraries that cater for adult readers, as well as on the bookshelf of all those affected by death and the dying process.     


Click Here To Purchase The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next!