Author: Vicki Courtney (with quizzes and interactive pieces written by Susan Jones)
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4985-3

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 Warmth radiates from this colorful text, as does the kind and compassionate approach of the author, Vicki Courtney. Being the founder of Virtuous Reality Ministries, which is an online magazine for middle and high school girls highlighting relevant articles, a blog feature, a prayer board, and artist of the month, she is the ideal person to guide such youngsters through the wise words of one of the most insightful books of the Old Testament.

 In this latest issue of the Between series, Courtney explores the depth of meaning in Proverbs, for each of which chapters she provides an article describing her own encounter with the truth of the Proverb, followed by a few questions (headed ‘Just between us’) to help preteen and teenage girls apply the Proverb to their own lives. In addition, Courtney has split up her text into six main sections, each of which includes not only the articles and questions described above, but also ‘Say what?’ (a guide to some of the “weird, not-so-normal phrases” included in that particular portion of Proverbs), ‘Lies to wise’ (which tests readers’ knowledge of what Scripture says in Proverbs, by asking them to rewrite deliberate misunderstandings of key verses, to reflect the true meaning of what is said), and quizzes, which allow readers to rate themselves on a number of issues, including on their choice of friends and how they relate to others. Susan Jones, the author of all the quizzes and interactive pieces in the guide, is currently engaged in full-time mission work in Guatemala, which can be followed on her web site. 

This 149-page guide is well illustrated, with more of the appearance of a delightfully themed scrapbook than a conventional book. Its large font and unconventional page layout should entice even the most reluctant reader to wish to engage with its ‘cool’ content. The writing is lively and elucidating, relating very much on the target reader’s level. 

This fun, interactive text can either be read alone, together with a close friend or older family member, or in a Bible study together with a group of friends. An ideal source for any Bible-focused resource centre, as well as for one’s own home library, readers will need no coaxing to embark on reading through, and interacting with, this informative and reader-friendly text.    

Click Here To Purchase Between God and Me: A Journey through Proverbs