Author:  Robert Haggerty
Publisher:  Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4550-9

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Bailey's Day by Robert Haggerty shares the excitement in the day of the dog Bailey, a black and white pointer. When Bailey's owner (a mailman) goes to work, Bailey occupies herself around the house and yard doing different things but that gets boring after awhile. When Bailey 'jumps the fence' to meet up with her friend Frankie, a dachshund, the two dogs explore town. They do have to be careful not to be seen by Bailey's owner.

Bailey’s day consist of taking a nap on her owner’s shirts, chasing a lizard around the yard, swimming in the swimming pool, eating ice cream with children in the park, and getting tacos from a local taco vender Pete. The simple but clear illustrations by Bobbi Switzer hold the readers' attention and there is much fun spotting in the pictures the different things Bailey sees throughout the day.

The big hit with my grandchildren was when they saw the real life photographs of Bailey included at the end of the story. Yes, Bailey is a real dog and her owner and author of Bailey’s Day, Robert Haggerty is really a mailman.

Recommended for ages 4-8, Bailey’s Day was an easy read for my seven year old grandson. The story was short enough to hold his and his four year old sister’s attention and both have chosen it as one of their favorite books at Grandma’s house. Even if they do not feel like reading or being read to, they enjoy pulling Bailey’s Day off the shelf and looking at the pictures and both the illustrations and photographs of Bailey.

Bailey’s Day opened the door for discussions on right or wrong, following instructions, and safety. My grandchildren were happy to point out the things Bailey did ‘wrong’ such as leaving the yard, swimming without an adult around, and eating ice cream before eating lunch.

The only concern Grandma had about the book was the all capitalized text in the story. While bold and clear to read I would much rather have children read the correct format for writing. My concern, however, was not enough to turn me off the book and would highly recommend Bailey’s Day for a fun read.

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