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Author: Simon Paul Harrison
Publisher: Fox Walking Publishing
ISBN: 9780983483625

In this ever changing world we need to constantly think about protecting our children. Life is so different now. Kids are exposed to so much ugliness that they aren’t able to see the true beauty that our world has to offer. Our children need an environment that encourages them to be creative and successful and to embrace the good. I have found help for parents or anyone who is longing to look beyond their own truth to look beyond conventional wisdom and to be able to seek a greater vision.

This is not a prescriptive book. There are no suggestions for what facts children should learn, or what they should be able to do at certain ages. This book looks deeply into how we can provide an environment for children that encourages them to discover their deepest potential. It provides us with ways in which we can support children in how to be creative, not what to create, and in how to be successful, not what to be successful at.”

Getting children engaged can be tough with everyone’s busy schedules. Harrison asks the question, “Why do we educate our children?” There is a very simple answer to this question. 1) To fulfill the soul’s innate desire to learn and experience more.

2)  To provide independence for our children.  3) To ensure we can not only compete, but win.

Harrison invites readers to create change, go back to basics, to embrace the real child, to celebrate uniqueness and to rethink success, to name a few. Real life experiences are also found within the pages. Truly Alive Tips can also be found in each section. For example: “Setting up the Physical and Mental Environment. How we set up the physical and mental environment around children has a great impact on their choices.” These in-depth tips help parents ask the right questions in order to get the child thinking about what interests her. Harrison suggests that children need to reach deep within them to find their spirituality.

Harrison's purpose for this page turner is to bring back and instill in our kids the child-like wonder that they have when they are young. Keep children engaged and encourage them to ask questions about the world around them all the time, not just when they are small. Open up the lines of communication, creativity and a child's natural sense of curiosity. If you are not sure how to awaken their sleeping spirituality this book will help you in ways you couldn't imagine.

About the author:

Simon Paul Harrison is the founder of Wild Earth’s Children, an organization that provides hands-on experiences in nature to reconnect people of all ages to the Earth. He lives in Lyons, Colorado. 

Follow Here To Purchase The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children