Author: Joel J. Miller
ISBN:  978-1-5955-5074-3

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From the beginning of this wonderful “walk” through history, readers are brought into a candle-lit room where Paul Revere’s quill is lightly scratching across the surface of his paper.  He is writing to Reverend Jeremy Bishop about the amazing events that he played a part of in the building of America.  Jeremy Bishop is a local minister and secretary of the Massachusetts Historical Society; he wants to be able to preserve America’s history so that every generation will be able to study the work, pain, and strength that led to freedom from England, and made America the one and only country that would offer individual rights to every man, woman, and child.

The story begins with John Winthrop leading the Puritans out of England to settle in America.  They tried many colonies when they first arrived on the East Coast, but Boston was where they “set up shop.”  The major industry at the time for Bostonians was the catching, selling, and trading of cod – which was almost a perfect match to the religious symbol that they held onto dearly.

We then move on to Paul Revere’s father, Apollos Rivoire, leaving his family behind in France, in 1716, and coming to America as an indentured apprentice to a goldsmith.  He learned a great deal and when his “master” passed away, Apollos was able to buy his own contract and become “free.”  Apollos was up for the challenge and soon changed his last name to a more “Americanized-version,” and ran head-first into a beautiful, hearty Yankee woman who stood by his side during the hard economic times that were about to hit America.

Soon Paul arrives in the world and we learn that he had a penchant, when young, to ring the bells at the Old North Church.  He and his friends loved the bells so much that they formed an official bell ringers’ guild.  Paul’s father was a bit upset by this because he was very much a Puritan and wasn’t happy that Paul rang an Anglican church’s bell.  But Paul’s beliefs ventured into many areas that his father did not agree with, including the teachings of a somewhat-rogue reverend.

The story goes on to include all we know about Paul Revere – and many things that we didn’t know.  Everything from when Paul married Sarah Orne, to his social circle that met at the Green Dragon Tavern called…you guessed it…the Masons.  Readers will be shown the power of England as they tried to enforce the Sugar Act and then the Stamp Act; the story of the Sons of Liberty facing the patriots was also extremely interesting.  Readers will experience Paul Revere in the French and Indian War, The Boston Massacre, and The Boston Tea Party.  But, in the end, the familiar men we have all heard of who came to America to impose the Crown’s rules and regulations, are what strikes the most familiar chord:  The Redcoats Are Coming!  And the midnight ride of Paul Revere is solidified in our minds and the history books for all time.

This is a good, solid story, as well as a very well-written expose on a truly remarkable life.

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