Author: Marvin D. Wilson          
Publisher: Cambridge Books
ISBN: 978-1-59431-563-9

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Marvin D. Wilson, author of Owen Fiddler, is a multi-faceted man. He comes with an eclectic range of life experiences, as well as, immense skills as a writer, editor, and human being. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. (2009, pgs.206-7 Mr. Wilson has authored two previous books. This current work [Owen Fiddler] is an Avatar award-winning book, of honorable mention. Before making writing and editing his full time career, he taught at an adult training facility where his student population was ex-convicts and recovering alcohol and drug addicts

The main character in Owen Fiddler is Owen Fiddler. Owen comes from a good and caring family. He has led a troubled childhood where a series of bad decisions have sent him to jail, hardened his outlook on life, and taught him to look out for number one. He never learns from his mistakes and therefore continues to repeat them well into adulthood. Owen has never accepted responsibility for his mistakes and as such blames his faults on anyone except himself.

Finally, Owen has a chance to make a good life with a wonderful woman, Jewel. They fall deeply in love, marry, and have a lovely daughter, Frenda. Jewel is everything Owen admires, at least in the short term, but shortly he grows bored and seeks extra-marital excitement. Seven years into what Jewel believed to be a lifelong marriage, she divorces Owen because she has found proof that he has indeed returned to his womanizing party animal persona.

The single bond Jewel and Owen will always share is their special daughter, Frenda. Both love her more than anything else, and have watched her grow from a majestic child into a spectacular young woman. Tragically, one New Year’s Eve she is killed. Jewel is beside herself with grief. Through a series of conversations Owen has found himself in a predicament that later reveals itself to be potentially negligent in his daughter’s untimely death. Ridden with guilt he drowns his sorrow in booze, women, and anything else that dulls the pain.

Owen has made some very bad decisions in his life. Some years ago, Owen had the good fortune to meet a man who handed him a path out of debt and on to prosperity. He squandered it as usual. This man is evil and does not take kindly to being taken as a fool. Bodily harm is this unsavory man’s preferred way of dealing with overdue debts.

Owen lies in a hospital bed in a coma where death may end the suffering in his physical life. His mother sits at his bedside hoping against hope that he will live. Frenda is handed a mission to intercede on behalf of her dad. She and her new friend visit Owen. This life changing experience provides him opportunity to turn his pathetic life around.  

Frenda’s message to Owen is clear: love is to be cherished, acceptance of past mistakes is a necessary step in healing our hearts and moving forward, and forgiveness for such transgressions, both by self and others impacted, can pave the way to a better life here, and after. While this decision and all it entails is not easy for Owen to understand and accept, he does so and comes out of his coma to get a second chance in life. 

Owen Fiddler could literally be any one of us. The lessons learned are simple, yet profound. It was a moving and entertaining journey for me, and one I would recommend for everyone.

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