Author: Samuel Lopez
Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-158985-157-3

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The Three-Legged Kitten is one of the True Stories About Saving Animals series by Samuel Lopez. He and his wife Cheri live on a one hundred year-old farm known as the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. It is their mission to rescue lost, abandoned, and injured animals. Those who cannot find a new permanent home are always guaranteed a home on the farm.

The Three-Legged Kitten is the story of a kitten who is thrown out of a speeding car and crashes into a bunch of automobiles in the Ontiveros Junkyard. The impact breaks one of her legs, and she must resort to hobbling around on the remaining three.

After a couple of days, she finds her way to the owner of the junkyard, and meows to get his attention. That same day, Farmer Samuel and his nephews stop by and notice the poor kitten. They ask to take her back to the farm, to care for her.

Unfortunately, the leg has been so badly damaged that the veterinarian is unable to save it. But the kitten is able to heal in no time, running around the farm and climbing up the trees. The boys decide to name her Tri-Ike.

When they call Miss Paula, the pet shop owner in town, to see if anyone may be interested in adopting her, she tells them that it is unlikely anyone will want a three-legged kitten. But she comes out to the farm to meet Tri-Ike, anyway, and ends up falling in love with her. Tri-Ike now resides at Miss Paula’s pet shop, amazing people with her speed and dexterity, despite missing one leg.

This book is a great example of the mission of the Little Five Star division of the Five Star Publication company. Their goal is to teach children to be tolerant of diversity and differences, as well as to learn the consequences of their decisions.

Children can see how even a perceived disability does not necessarily mean that one is limited. Though Tri-Ike is missing a leg, she is still able to run and frolic like any other cat. This can lead to a conversation about disabilities in humans, as well.

The story also teaches how to care for animals, no matter what, and to love them.

Again, Samuel Lopez provides colorful illustrations that will appeal to children. The end of the book is filled with real photographs of the real-life Tri-Ike, playing and having fun. You can’t help but fall in love with her spunk and vitality.

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