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Author: Deborah Coonts

ISBN: 978-0-7653-3006-2

Publisher: Forge Books

Deborah Coonts, author of So Damn Lucky, hails from Texas, but resides in Las Vegas now. She has a very storied past in that she was a lawyer, columnist, business owner, pilot, and mother of a teenager. (2012, back cover) Take all of that education and experience to which she (Ms. Coonts) can now add novelist.

So Damn Lucky is set in Las Vegas and Lucky, the main character (at least one of the main characters), is a casino manager in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She has just learned that her casino owner and boss is her biological father for which she has some mixed emotions that precipitate keeping this new information under wraps at least temporarily anyway. Her mother is madam in a legal house of prostitution in a nearby small town and had been girlfriend/lover to Lucky’s boss, and now father, for a number of years dating back to before her birth.

As if dealing with a new father isn’t enough for this bright and lovely casino manager this book has many other interesting twists and turns that get neatly tied up in the end. There is murder, deception, love and more. Characters range from magicians to sexual experimenters of various ages, to people chasing their dreams and some living in them. If this is Ms. Coont’s first book she is on her way to a very good new career as a writer because it was super! The characters were well developed, the plot and story line riveting, the scenery described as if you were there in person too.

I lived in Key West, FL for a number of years and the Halloween celebration described in Ms. Coonts’ book was a very close second to ours’ there. The patrons come in full body paint and nothing more or costumes as creative as the limits of our minds can conjure. The spectacle of this Halloween special event in “So Damn Lucky” and all that occur under its auspices was reminiscent of an Agatha Christie movie. The plot is so perfectly convoluted it keeps the reader guessing what will come next and how all of the lesser characters figure into the outcome. Will Lucky get lucky in life and in love? Will “So Damn Lucky” and Lucky become a platform for Ms. Coont’s future endeavors? We can only hope so as I found this book so very enjoyable. Bravo Ms. Coonts!

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