Author: Ruthe Rosen with Lisa Greathouse
ISBN: 978-0-578-00638-3
Publisher:  KARmedia LLC

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Let It Be is the most inspirational, sad-and-heart-warming-all-at-once, book that I have ever had the honor of reading. Ruthe Rosen and Lisa Greathouse have done a remarkable job of presenting the sparkling, spirited personality of Karla Asch-Rosen to the reading public. 

At the tender age of fourteen—an age when young girls should only be thinking ‘slumber parties’, ‘chat rooms’, ‘party dresses’, ‘hair styles’ and ‘earrings’—Karla and her family discover that young Karla has an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors have given the family the terrible news that their beautiful, fun-loving, teenager has less than three years to live and all their lives have changed forever.

Faith and prayers from family, friends, entire communities, and church members come pouring in and young Karla finds an inner strength that she never knew she had. Even her mother is astonished at the depth of her daughter’s faith and endurance. Karla is subjected to chemotherapy and radiation treatments that leave her weak and cause her to lose the long blonde hair of which her mother was so proud. But Karla’s will to survive won’t allow her to lose faith in her God and the people who love her so very much.

When a much stronger person may have given up hope at the very beginning, Karla just fought that much harder to keep her life normal. She shopped for wigs and gowns for her school’s Winter Formal Dance. She also intended to keep up her dance classes and soccer. Karla was determined not to allow her illness to rule her life.

With each new visit to the doctor and each new MRI, Karla and her parents received the incredibly wonderful news that the tumor was no longer growing, but instead was shrinking. It seemed that a miracle was truly taking place—even the doctors could not explain this change in circumstances.

Don’t miss this wonderful book. You will certainly want to allow Ruthe and Karla to take you along with them on this journey through pain and suffering to love, strength, hope, and the amazing amount of faith that supports a family in the grip of the heart-rending pain of watching your child suffer. And out of the darkness a flower grows—The Let It Be Foundation.  The foundation is a non-profit organization, a support group for families with children that have life-threatening diseases. (

Click Here To Purchase Let It Be: My Daughter's Legacy