Author: Albert C. Bender
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3578-4

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You are Forever in Time, by author Albert C. Bender is a book for the spiritual seeker of truth. An excellent book for the person who believes there is something more than what was taught in Sunday school or in church. Albert C. Bender challenges traditional Christian events saying they are myths; the myth of the virgin birth; the myth of the resurrection of Christ; the myth of whether or not Christ died on the Cross. According to Bender Christianity was founded on myths. Stories told and embellished through time by many Jesus movements written hundreds of years after the Son of God (or was that the Sun of God) was no longer on this earth. As Bender says, “all the pagan-earth-mothers were taken up to heaven by their divine sons.”

Bender’s implications are clear. The myths of the biblical Jesus are understood in relationship to the myths of Greek mythology and the pagan gods, all having their roots in the same ideology.

The book also challenges current ideas about death. Death, according to Bender, is one of the biggest myths. He asks the reader to entertain the possibility of life continuing after death. Hence the title, You are Forever in Time. The author states that we have always been here and always will be here forever in time. It is the Big Bang theory of ever “Present” time. In fact, according to Bender, even after death, we retain our individual consciousness the infinite part of ourselves that is connected to Divine Mind. He suggests that the reader reflect for a moment on these ideas, and then, like the author, the reader will have an Ah-Ha moment, a ”knowingness,” a truth about life and existence too. This “knowingness” comes easily for author Albert C. Bender, but may take some time and reflection, meditation and prayer, for those who have not thought about these expansive spiritual ideas.

You are Forever in Time makes one think about life and death, reincarnation, and the idea that individual consciousness continues on forever. A comforting thought that does indeed make sense. You Are Forever in Time, is a stimulating book that one will want to read again and again, forever in time.

Click Here To Purchase You Are Forever in Time: A Theological Alternative to Ones Own Religious Belief.