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Author: Marshall Vian Summers
Publisher: New Knowledge Library
ISBN: 978-1884238499

That is why the New Message and this revelation are being given to warn and to prepare humanity for the two great events of your era – the Great Waves of change and your emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life,” author and supposed visionary prophet Marshall Vian Summer states in his book, The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe.

With two hundred pages, this paperback book has a photograph of a silhouette man standing at the edge of a sand dune, looking up at the massive starry sky on the front cover. The back cover has six paragraphs about the book, no reviews and a short biography about the author. Inside, there is a five page introduction by his son, Reed, along with a request to “join the preparation” at the end. The book has many punctuation and capitalization errors that are distracting.

The author claims to have received over nine thousand pages worth of “the New Message” enlightenment over a thirty year period, producing eleven books. This one was conveyed to him over a three day period in 2008 in his “cloud room” in Colorado.

The book is divided into two sections that he considers the reality and the spirituality of life in the universe. The writer writes to “you,” as if he is not a part of this world. The first half discusses the “Greater Community” where we are a small miniscule planet in the vast universe that other entities (which are never explained) have visited and are coming back, that “Great Waves” of change are coming that will affect our travel, trade and technology and that there will be seers, visionaries, locators and interpreters to help us in our new lives. There will be little exploring of other regions, little food and possessions, no family unit and no war but we can protect ourselves and remain free by being wise, secretive, discrete and using our clairvoyant mental skills to survive. In the second half, all religions (although none are mentioned specifically) on earth are unrealistic, unreliable and untrue, the “Unseen Forces/Ones” and “Angelic Presence” are here to protect and help us with become aware of our service calling and the “God of the Greater Community” is “the source of all your world’s religions.”

Summers believes the only way “you” humans can redeem themselves is to obtain the “Way of Knowledge,” which apparently is the ability to contribute and serve others here and later in the universe. There is no blatant mention of our soul, death or the afterlife, only that we will be manifested in the universe. There is no mention of the outcome of those who have preceded us. There is no clear delineation of a Heaven or Hell except the author states there is no judgment day and “Hell is a beautiful place where you can never be happy.”

To say the least, this cultish book is very confusing, repetitive, contradicting to own concepts and disrespecting to all religions. One should question these two statements in the book: “… the physical universe, the manifest universe – could be self-maintaining, self-sustaining and run upon its own so that God would not have to hold everything in balance” and “God of the Greater Community is not in the business of managing everyone’s personal life or arranging everyone’s personal experience or creating miracles for everyone.” Wouldn’t the True God be able to not only easily “hold the universe together” but have a personal relationship with each of us and not make an unbearable universal environment as Summer describes in his “Greater Community?”

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