Author: Peter Ferry
Publisher: Mariner Books
ISBN: 978-0-15-101436-1

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Travel Writing, by Peter Ferry, is written as if it is a peek into the author's personal life journal. It had me wondering what was fiction and what was real throughout the entire story. The main character is a high school English teacher/travel writer named Peter Ferry. Yes, that is the name of the book's author, so from the very first page you are wondering about fact or fiction.

Driving home after working late one night, Peter sees a beautiful woman driving erratically. He follows her as she weaves in and out of traffic lanes, thinking she is drunk. He is drawn into a personal debate with himself on what he should do, but before he can act on an idea, she crashes her car and dies instantly. Now, am I (the reader) sure this happened? No...yes, well, maybe. As he teaches his students about writing and storytelling, Mr. Ferry tells them about the accident. He repeatedly interjects into his tale, that this is what would have happened, if it really did happen, but it didn't. Normally his students show disinterest in his class, but the unfolding story seems to wake up their imaginations.

The novel becomes entangled with 'did it happen or didn't it?', as the author, Ferry and the teacher/travel writer, Ferry take us down a winding path and back again. He takes us to places he traveled to in the past and present, introduces us to people he meets along the way, all the while fueled by his obsession to discover what happened to Lisa Kim, the woman who died. As he learns more about her life and death, his personal life with his long time girlfriend and their mutual friends, begins to fall apart. They can't understand his need to find out what happened to a woman he had never met.

With his life in disarray, he relates a personal journey of reflection through new travels and old, and seeks the aide of a therapist to help him work through his personal crisis, guilt and obsession.

He becomes something of an amateur detective in his pursuit of answers to Lisa Kim's death, and just when you think you have the whole thing figured out, you are reminded that it might not have happened at all. Or did it? After all, it is a fictional novel. Or is it?

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