Author: Scott C. Fox
Publisher: Amacom American Management Association
ISBN: 13: 978-0-8144-1462-0: 10:0-8144-1462-1

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As the title implies, Scott S. Fox's latest book is an update of his previous best-seller Internet Riches wherein he continues to illustrate how you can attract more customers online in order to enhance your profitability from your online business. Fox is a well-known and very successful e-commerce strategist as well as an online marketing coach in Hollywood. Among his clients are such celebrities as Bill O`Reilly, Larry King, Glenn Beck as well as major corporations, dozens of entrepreneurs, startups, and international companies. Scott informs us in his introduction that he started in the online world at Stanford University more than fifteen years ago. In other words, he is not an amateur and after reading his latest tome, he certainly knows what he is talking about.

As Fox points out in his introduction, marketing today is no longer a one way blast but rather a two-way communications that needs constant care, attention, staffing, and if possible, interaction with the customer. Although, the old techniques still exist, it is imperative that you leverage the Internet in order to take full advantage of what it can do for you. The Internet affords you a greater reach and sometimes even unexpected consequences. It has also changed the expectations of your customers.

In order to learn how to take full advantage of the Internet, Fox carefully details the necessary ingredients to achieve success and these he divides into eight distinct sections. Among the subjects covered are e-mail publishing strategies, social media including Facebook, MySpace, LindedIn, building your own customer community, social bookmarking, blogs, public relations, online broadcasting, pay-per-click keyword and affiliate program advertising strategies, and he concludes with your winning online marketing strategy. Each chapter provides an overview of a specific item with illustrations and practical advice as to how you can reap maximum benefits. For example, in the sections dealing with online viral marketing we are informed that it is, in reality, the Internet-powered version of what used to be termed mouth-to-mouth marketing. And when you think of it, Fox hits the nail right on the head. From this general concept, Fox goes onto explain how social media works, how to choose and take full advantage of such social media sites as Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin. Fox also provides his readers with case studies showing how a particular company or individual used these social sites to increase their profitability.

E-Riches 2.0: Next-Generation Marketing Strategies For Making Millions Online is clearly laid out and is packed with pertinent details, written by someone who can truly call himself an expert in the field. Moreover, readers will have little difficulty in understanding the various concepts and principles that are presented in this extremely useful guidebook.

Click Here To Purchase e-Riches 2.0: Next-Generation Marketing Strategies for Making Millions Online