Author: Jonni Pollard,Author

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 978-1-9468-8533-3

Jonni Pollard, author of The Golden Sequence, is a teacher of meditation. (2018, p.219) He counsels entrepreneurs, political leaders, CEO’s, artists, health practitioners, and regular people on the practice and benefits of meditation. Pollard brought the app 1Giant Mind to smartphones across the globe. It has changed the landscape of meditation for many people and it is free. Jonni is an Australian native, but now lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.  

In the Introduction Pollard says, “It has been my deepest purpose for many years to make the profound knowledge of the Vedic tradition accessible and easily understood for everyone.” (2018) It took him decades to compile this knowledge into this book so all of us can enjoy and learn from it.

Chapter one starts off with, “Our world is in a precarious state. We are witnessing today humanitarian, environmental, and social crisis that stem from the ever-increasing dehumanization of our rapidly changing world. By dehumanization, I mean the reckless compromise or straight-up ignoring of what we as humans need to be well and flourish as a species in harmony with our natural world – all in the name of profit and greed.” (2018, p.1) What a powerful introduction! And Pollard is spot on in this assessment in my esteem.

Chapter two dives into history of us as human beings. The types of lives we lived and how we went about doing that.

Chapter three brings us to what Pollard calls the Four Golden Insights. (2018, p.17) They are as follows; Life is Sacred, Love is our Nature, Wisdom is Power, and Fulfillment is our Purpose. (p.19) Jonni goes on to say, “…true intelligence is not intellectual, but rather intuitive, operating on a much subtler level.” (p.20) What interesting dynamics he proposes here.

Each consecutive chapter builds on those Four Golden Insights. Pollard uses the image of the Russian matryoshka dolls and how each fits nicely inside the other as how this process ought to unfurl.

Chapter seven introduces us to The Twelve Ways of Wisdom. (2018, p.51) Pollard says these might best be viewed as our individual qualities. Each characteristic should work with the others.

Chapter eight brings us to Fulfillment of our Purpose. (2018, p.133) Pollard offers up a study conducted by Princeton University as proof for this process. “The Princeton study also revealed that what really determines lasting satisfaction is whether our work satisfies our sense of purpose.” (p.138) How many of us work jobs that are totally unfulfilling? Would we not all be happier fulfilling our life purpose? What is standing in our way?

Chapter nine is titled The Greatest Threat To Fulfillment. (2018, p.151) Pollard says, “Now that we have an understanding of fulfillment, in order to cultivate it and truly master it, we also have to understand what can get in the way of our attainment of it.” To which he adds that the greatest threat is suffering. There are many ways we can and do suffer. But we can change those dynamics.

Chapter ten is The Golden Sequence Technique. (2018, p.173) I am going to stop here and not ruin the end for you. Read it, learn from it, and use it in your everyday life. You will be happier and more productive than ever before!