Author: Sharon Prentice, PhD

Publisher: Waterside Press

Dr. Prentice, author of Becoming Starlight, belongs to the following professional communities; American Counselors Association, National Christian Counselors Association, and the American Mental Health Counselors Association. (2018, back cover) Doctor Prentice is a Commissioned minister of Pastoral Care. This book is an outcropping of questions she had about SDE or shared death experiences.

In the introduction Dr. Prentice asks “Have you ever lost someone you loved and then struggled with the question of “Where is he?...”. (2018) I’m pretty sure most of us can respond to this question with a resounding yes. To which Prentice says, “The search for answers brings so many of us to the brink of an immeasurable abyss, and then leaves us gasping for air and begging for one sentence that will put our hearts to rest. But where do we go for that answer?”

We have read much of the topic of near death experiences, yet there has been little knowledge put forth on the topic of the shared death experience. This is the perspective that Dr. Prentice takes for this groundbreaking book.

Dr. Prentice speaks about her marriage and her pregnancy. She was immensely ill, in incredible pain, and lost too much weight due to this pregnancy. Her doctor and family were concerned for her and her unborn child’s welfare. Her only sustenance was chocolate, which all thought was more than strange. She became obsessed with counting the weeks until her unborn baby would arrive or at least survive.

Her daughter was alive only moments and then gone, but she was in danger of losing her life too if the medical team did not move swiftly enough. She felt herself go under and she felt the immense pain of both her physical body and the intense loss of her daughter at the same time. She recovered from the physical loss and was sent home with a birth and death certificate for her daughter. She was in turmoil and sought answers to why this tragedy had to occur.

Steve, her husband, was in the military and they got transferred from Chicago to La Jolla, California. He was sent off for SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training and she was alone and learning how to navigate her new life. Eventually this new life became her escape and sanctity, but she was fearful that her husband would go abroad and die too. His job was that of a military advisor and his protection was not from our troops, but that of foreign troops. However, she has forgotten his pain and suffering and had been simply wallowing in her own for months. He needed her to desperately love him and be his solace in his time of need as he had been the strength for her previously. Could she rally the strength?

I’m not going to give every juicy detail of this book away here. Buy it, read it, and learn from it as I did.