Author: D. B. Moffatt

Publisher: BeachHouse Books (March 25, 2018)

· ISBN-13: 978-1596301030

Unexpected beginnings become fatal endings in a young man’s life as Chester White is forced into marrying Shirley with not choice for a reprieve. This one act sets off a chain of events that creates friction, discord and will later hinder the life of an 11-year-old girl. With a father only interested in expanding his business ventures and a mother whose selfish needs preclude that of caring for her child, the night out with the girls will set off Chester White on a quest to take it all away from Shirley in a violent and abusive act that will shatter his daughter’s life. Violence, lust, hate, murder, deceptions and deceit plague their marriage but this is where it begins but far from where it will end.

Logan Spence was not supposed to be born but he was. A well-known doctor was enlisted to end the birth of a child carried by a young girl. Instead he induced birth and the end result is Logan as you the reader take the journey with him through a life that he created for himself, divorced from his parents wills and wants and from the start we learn that Mildred Spence his mother hopes to raise a fine and educated son, while her husband buries himself in work and for some reason cannot be around Logan.

Logan started out as a great student until he was not. His grades fall off, his friendships are few and the end result is having to learn martial arts and how to defend himself against what so many deal with in the schools today.

Logan would never learn the truth about his Misbirth and would go through life as a free spirit who lived by his own rules and did what he wanted. Even though his father presented him to his mother, he never really cared to get close to his son. Mildred did all she good to make Logan’s life meaningful and yet no matter how hard she tried she really never does succeed in winning his love. Logan falls prey to some bullies and from this point one he learns how to take matters into his own hands through martial arts. High school can either make or break a student and attending a private school allowed him the latitude and the friends to begin his weed business and making money. Product was available and Logan managed to align himself with some powerful dealers.

Logan is a free spirit and has few allegiances to anyone and often feels like a cast out miscast. Going to Cornwall on a sports wrestling scholarship was the end result and meeting patty White would change both of their lives, as she was about to become his tutor and mentor.

Many voices are heard and Logan’s is quite clear as he seems to need to find a path but the obstacles he puts in his own way might continue to bring down.

Mark Campbell told him about the wrestling scholarship possibilities and Logan impressed the coach and the admissions director but his friendship with Dwight Jefferson his first real friend would that continue.

Lives intersect and Logan will face many choices and meeting Patty White would be life changing in the end as the author brings two young people together linked by a common thread but yet to learn how. Patty is a teacher and close friends with Kate and as we get to know her and hear her interactions with two young teachers and Kate we can feel her apprehensiveness and have yet to see her with Logan whose file she’s read and wonders how he was admitted to Cornwall.

Their first meeting unsettled Logan and Patricia was formal and all business. But, relationships change as Chester White becomes more involved in many illegal businesses and has his own henchmen take out anyone that dares to infiltrate his territory. But when someone goes into selling the same product that Chester sells comes to light Paul the bounty hunter tells Chester and of course has to be stopped. The interaction was enlightening and the end result a typical thug scene.

School takes a front row seat for Logan for a while as he impresses Patty with his understanding of vocabulary and literature but in the foreground he’s concerned about his wrestling matches, wants to win for the school but breaking rules comes into play and his life takes a different turn.

Worlds collide and Chester’s expands to other venues beyond weed she Logan enters into business with an old friend and new alliances. The issues of friendships family distrust parental abuse and the need for acceptance are loud and clear. New friendships form and other business partners come into focus and things spiral out of control for a young family that could turn their lives in the wrong direction if they continue. Then Patty decides to go to one of his matches and things take on a more personal tone and the end result will shock readers.

High school tends at times to make or break a student and dealing with friendships, peer influences and the need for hard cash comes through as Logan, Dwight and even Val learn lessons that might take them down lonely and long roads of defeat and despair. Old friendships will be in tatters, and a father’s life is sacrificed and a reveal may severe a friendship that was once lifelong.

Author D.B. Moffatt reminds us of the mores of the time period and the end result of what happens when a young man is born and his life becomes what some might call his own form of MISBIRTH! Logan Spence and Patty White what happens when the truth is revealed? A powerful story that teaches many lessons in life and will haunt readers long after you finish reading it.