Author: Tarra Judson Stariell

Publisher: Ranch House Press

ISBN: 978-0-9992955-0-2

ISBN: 978-0-9992955-1-9 (ePub)

ISBN: 978-0-9992955-2-6 (mobi)


This book is an example of an increasingly common genre of autobiographical memoirs as more and more people, mostly women, but also men, give voice to their spiritual leanings and tell their stories for posterity. Many have suffered in silence because, unsure of their own bonafides, they were convinced of the authenticity of a message they had received from a source above. Not knowing how to implement the task that was entrusted to them, they chose a path that was exceedingly destructive. Of course, “All paths lead to Rome” or in this case the True Self, but many of these paths involve  traversing unnecessarily, some very murky and turbulent waters. Recovering from the trauma of spiritual abuse, by which I mean, a combination of physical, emotional and mental abuse, can take years and a lot of love and familial support. This book is the story of the author, Tarra Judson Stariell, as she moved through her life, fervently searching for a way to fulfil a vision that she had at an early stage of her life. It is also the story of her heroic transition from a brainwashed and subservient female accessory to the confident, cogent author and behavioral therapist that she is today.

Tarra starts her story with a description of her childhood, which was spent on her grandparents’ ranch. Her parents were not very loving to her at that time, but they were not blatantly unkind either, subsequently they divorced. Tarra met a man called Graham, who worked with the Peace Corps in Colombia. She fell in love with him  and followed him to Colombia, also to work for the Peace Corps.

The relationship with Graham fizzled out, but Tarra’s commitment to her work as a Peace Corps volunteer was very strong, so she continued to stay on in Colombia. She also developed an interest in the paranormal, fueled by a friend, who was interested in UFO research. One day, she had a vision where she saw two pillars of light and a clear voice that told her that she needed “to return home and share with her family and others that life as she knew it on Planet Earth would end if humans did not change the way they were living.” This message impelled Tarra to return to the USA in order to deliver her message. This was a time when environmental pollution was not the issue it is today and she found no takers for her insights. After a brief tryst with est, Tarra moved to Point Loma in California where she rented a condominium. There she met Solar in order to get a psychic reading and her life changed entirely.

For the worse.

With the objective of living up to her vision, Tarra did everything in her power and beyond, to adhere to Solar’s strange ideas of cleanliness and maniacally manipulative personality because she wanted to please God. She voluntarily underwent a pernicious kind of physical, emotional and mental abuse for months on end. How she emerged from that extreme form of dependency on a psychopath and mended her ties with her family, who, mortified by her physical condition, were more than willing to help, is the subject of this book.

This book is very well written and readable.Tarra tells her story as it is, without glorifying anybody, least of all,  herself. Her story, affirms the power of forgiveness and unconditional love. Tarra forgave her torturer, but made it clear that there was to be no more interaction between them.

Books in this genre are growing more and more popular, but this one is more comprehensive and more detailed than many others of its’ kind.

Warmly recommended.