Author: Randi Brill

Publisher: Randiland Press

ISBN: 978-0-9854035-1-5

When the term “wow” is used in business it generally infers that you are exceeding the customer's expectations with a pleasant surprise and the customer's needs are addressed thoughtfully and in unexpected ways.

Successful businesswoman Randi Brill fully understands the term “wow” and has come up with ninety-nine creative “wows” or words of wisdom that as she mentions in her pocket-size book, 99 Creative Wows: Words of Wisdom for Business will provide rapid-fire jumps to help develop, enhance and confirm your creative business savvy fast. Brill informs us that these are basically words that are designed as quick, colorful sound bites for new and seasoned professionals and cover a gamut of experiences.

You are probably asking who is Randi Brill? She is a successful businesswoman who started her first enterprise, Quarasan, in her basement in 1982. Over the ensuing thirty plus years she managed to build her business into a top educational product developer, delivering concepts, designs and content services for leading educational publishers.

One of the principal themes of the book is having the right mental approach to accomplishing tasks and thus tapping into these words of wisdom will provide satisfaction and happiness as well as a kind of high. As Brill mentions in her introduction, some of the “wows” may be new to you, nonetheless, consider how you might incorporate them into your work. Other “wows” may be quite familiar and by confirming these, your business confidence will be reinforced. And even if you don't agree with some of the “wows” that is also great. But just remember the basic tenet that business does not get done until things happen and these “wows” will help you get it to happen.

Brill divides her “wows” into three main categories: “Business”, “Creative”, and “Personal.” These divisions or strategies of “wows” are described as follows: “Business inspire, intrigue and illuminate ideas for professionals. This ready-to-apply wisdom helps accelerate a diverse array of business situations and challenges.” For example, as pointed out, “sell the feeling of security not the lock.” Creative “wows” “spark ingenuity and motivate business professionals to infuse creative problem-solving approaches, adding valuable results.” In other words, don't fall in love with your work, leave that to others. Personal “wows” offer thoughtful perspectives when life's challenges tax even resilient individuals, helping define the landscape for next steps.” Broadly, whatever you learn is yours to keep. All of these enriching “wows” will help in establishing a unique competitive strategy and translate into results. It will also aid you in using innovation to your advantage.

No doubt, much of what is mentioned in the book have been covered dozens of times in other tomes, but it is the way Brill packages her inspirational messages that conveys a new meaning. From her personal experiences in creating her own creative agency, she understands the importance of using design and creativity in solving problems for all kinds of businesses. Brill's rational approach to success finds a welcome home on the bookshelves of recent college graduates, professionals striving to make their mark on the business or creative world, business people involved in start-ups, people struggling to run a business and a host of others. Often a book's value consists in its ability to show you a better way to perform your daily tasks or to get you back on track. Brill's practical advice from someone in the know fits that criteria perfectly.

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