Author: David Hutter

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781549898303

Fact vs. fiction cannot always be separated in the mind of our President according to author David Hutter’s hilarious novella titled Fake News: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump. So, where to begin? His first notion was checking out the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorials and deciding that something bigger and better needed to be erected. Tweeting seems to be, as we all know the President’s favorite pastime when not attempting to run the government. So, his brilliant idea for today was to have the statue of the Lincoln Memorial replaced with one called The Trump Memorial honoring of course him.

The reaction of his staff was not exactly what he expected starting with Spicer who diplomatically told him this might not be a good idea. But, in his usual way of disregarding anything negative or anyone that disagrees responds with a ridiculous comment that he is the healthiest President and that he is in excellent health letting readers know that in this case he has no clue how his idea relates to what he just said and the fact that he calls his staff to the Oval Office in the middle of the night did not faze him either. When the British Prime Minister calls to give her support about nuking North Korea his inappropriate question: IS SHE HOT?  Telling Trump that she agrees with his plans to nuke North Korea, which is his next idea about asserting his power over another country. The oval office is filled with the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs and Sean Spicer as well as several others. Asking Mnuchin about his idea to take out North Korea the Secretary of Treasury has to watch his words carefully and replays that Jared feels it would be too expensive.

The president of South Korea arrives with May and the conversation focuses on his feet, his intentions about North Korea and the end result he cons May into paying for the war and looking into something that she has no power over. His final idea is on page 18 which you have to read for yourself to believe it. Each chapter has a What Really Happened section and this one deals with Caligula and how he pretends to invade Great Britain as the author parallels it with Trumps infamous hand jerk, the Roman Emperor uses polite greeting to asset his power as both Trump and Caligula are definitely power hungry, unfeeling and seriously narcissists as Trump wanted his memorial and Caligula the heads of the gods replaced with his. Some of the incidents described almost sound like they really happened until you read into them and realize that for some reason they might actually sound as if you would hear something related to them on the news but you never know.

Trump wants more productivity so why not change daily hours to 12 giving more days in the week and making workers working harder and thinking America would have more money not thinking about creating more jobs. As usual he does not think things through and even with some of his advisers explaining why he needs to rethink his plans he often winds up wanting to or firing some more of his staff.

What about someone to wipe his butt because his itched all the time and he had trouble reaching back? What if he actually created a position for that job and the poor person he chose namely the Treasury Secretary had no choice but to agree. In the What really happened section titled Groom of Stool you will learn about the monarch’s inner circle with no position more coveted than the Groom of Stool.

What about having his finger bitten off by a Killer Rabbit on his golf course while swatting away flies? The argument about what to do with his finger leads to his hair brained idea to decide whether to reattach it and even to hold a state funeral for it. Read the What really happened section to learn about Jimmy Carter’s experience with a killer rabbit.

Fixated with nuking North Korea and devising his own plan he decided that his solution was to find Kim’s palace and enter it and convince him he wanted to become a communist. But, his travels did not turn out the way he thought and the person he meets is not the President of Korea but the President of South Korea and what he manages to do is totally outrageous convincing the this man to pay for the border wall with Mexico. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention that he tried to convince using some guy that the Secretary of Treasury meets on a beach, hoping to convince the Scottish Government that his golf course was not on dunes but on gravel. The arguments lead to an unusual conclusion. From wanting to nuke the moon to the final story that focuses once again on taking down North Korea but this time using fake goats and rubbing gold dust on the backsides and more you have to read it to find out if his plan works. Similar to the Trojan horse and placing soldiers within the cows, you have to read it to believe this horrendous idea and find out was it successful and who in the past actually did the same thing.

Author David Hutter presents readers with much food for much thought and a fictional Donald Trump with anecdotes that could be ripped out of the headlines and scenarios that appear to be made up or are they extensions of some realities? Within this satire there are some hidden truths masked by the humor and creativity of the author. Fact or Fiction? Real news or Fake? You the reader must decide.

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