Author: Eric Bradley:
Publisher: Krause Publications

ISBN: 978-1-4402-4802-3

Imagine yourself entering the world of Hogwarts and joining Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Hagrid and the villains that tried to destroy him as you take the journey along with these immortal characters when you enter the pages of The Unofficial Guide to the Collectibles of Our Favorite Wizard.

Join the characters, hear the auctioneer’s words as hundreds of memorabilia are up for sale to the highest bidders. How would you like to bid on the famous LEGO sets, lamps, holiday ornaments and first editions book sets and have them in your own personal collection. What about the posters, the figures and the Quidditch cup and the House Cup wouldn’t we all love to own both of these.

The introduction will whet your appetite and force you to read on and learn just what over gems the author shares with readers as we all take a trip to where it all began Hogwarts.

The amazing picture of the characters on page 7 draws the reader in from the start and the photo of the excited New York City children who are celebrating Harry Potter: The Exhibition would make any fan want more. Harry Pottery is what this book is about and the author lets us hear from Harry Pottery collectors themselves.

The sayings personally signed by J.K. Rowling and the history behind the book pictured on page 13 as it is titles Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and it’s the cover of the first edition and imagines it sold for over 43 thousand dollars. The author shares all of the books, the covers and when it was published and released to the public on pages 14 and 15. Imagine the bond copies and for the astute Harry Potter fans wouldn’t we all want those bound books for our own library!

It’s hard to fathom and believe that it’s been 20 years that this series has been in place and who wouldn’t want a piece of memorabilia to have for their own collections. What about posters, limited editions, sharing auction values and learning just where the idea for the Harry Potter series came to the author how about on a train ride in the summer of 1990. One of my favorite illustrations if of the Hogwarts Express with a color comic like photo of Harry. Special autographed cards by the author and items sold for 10 thousand dollars of a complete set of the books in the UK and what about from the introduction to this book the story behind the art and where the collectibles originated from as the author helps readers and fans understand the hype, the marketplace and the unique and creative characters

each with their own special powers and unique personalities making readers wanting more of the series. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets one of my favorites from the series is featured on pages 34-35 and the autographed cover would be the envy of any collector. Within pages 38-39 more autographed pictures and cards followed by a unique cover of the chamber of secrets.

Everyone loves movie posters and check the one of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and read how much they sold for as the author shares that within pages 50-51. The next pages from 52- 57 include more movie posters and then the author lets us meet Lucius Malfoy and the saying on the bottom of the pages: Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around the save the day. Harry: don’t worry. I will be. Well we hope so as we read that in this book Harry takes on the darker side and the movie includes Ron, Harry and Hermione ready to take on the goblin made Gryffindor Sword. The author even gives fans a bit of inside information in the sections titled Did you Know?

Imagine being able to see and buy over 300 objects from private collections and some public as the art, the history, the books and the hype called Harry Pottery mania you might say is still strong today. The illustrations and photos bring the books and movies to life as if you are experiencing them first hand. The one that everyone wants was the one in the Order of the Phoenix of the villain himself: Voldemort and his face alone on pages 66-67 gives you the chills but the most pronounced and vivid is on page 69 of Harry and Voldemort. The pages that follow include more posters, more movie headlines and the wanted poster of Azkaban Prison’s prisoner: Sirus Black. Lobby cards, a set between two and three hundred dollars and movie props like the Golden Snitch, which at auction could bring from 50-100 thousand dollars.

His invitation to Hogwarts, shirts, ropes and his famous silver metal wire glasses plus lots of action pictures from the movies fans cannot help but love and go wild over this amazing book. They even auctioned off the share the author’s writing chair that she sat in to write the series and finally how about he chess set, the board, the pieces and the Dumbledore’s most powerful wand. Movie prop replicas, Harry’s trunk and the Golden Egg prop, which is popular with collectors and retails for 69 dollars. Imagine being one of the special children to board the Hogwarts Express meet them on page 192 and see their smiling faces. So, Harry fans this is one book that you want and will treasure as you take the journey with Harry fans and enter the world of wizardry created by author Eric Bradley.