Author: Zinovia Dushkova

Publisher: Radiant Books

ISBN 978-5-9908268-1-6 (paperback)

ISBN 978-5-9908268-2-3 (e-book)

                                                    Prospects Ahead

This is a consciousness raising book.

Most of us have heard of the change in the prevailing scheme of energies that run the planet and that they were ushered in on/after Dec. 21 2012. A cataclysm of sorts was predicted and  sceptics had a field day when nothing of the sort occurred. Yet many of us would testify that many of the old ways of survival and promoting oneself are getting obsolete. New stratagems based on the principles of equality, liberty and fraternity (in that order) are being favoured. Interest in the esoteric is at an all time high as evidenced from the kind of books that are flooding the market, as an unprecedentedly large number of people write their hearts out in blogs, tweets and on other social media.

The prevailing change of paradigm has brought in its’ wake, an uncertainty of a totally different kind. The predominant cliche of the times is “follow your heart”. The problem with the above logic is that most of us have forgotten how to feel, let alone hearing what our hearts say to us. This has happened because of centuries of prolonged disuse. And that is where the relevance of this book comes in.

It is clear to all today, especially with the widespread use of the Internet that the norms of social interaction are changing drastically. As fewer and fewer major nations go to war against each other, countries ruled by patriarchal principles are undergoing, sometimes prolonged civil unrest. Instead of full fledged armed conflict, terror attacks are getting increasingly commonplace. The common citizen, plagued by a faceless enemy, needs to summon forth all his/her energies together to accept the criminal while condemning the crime. Many writers, e.g. David Wilcock, who has written the recent bestseller “The Ascension Mysteries” , has pointed out, what many of us  intuit already, that we are on the cusp of a new evolutionary cycle in which newer ways of being, based on heart based consciousness would be the preferred mode of ascending the evolutionary ladder. This particular book discusses in detail  how heart based consciousness manifests itself on Earth. It  does so in the voice of Maitreya, another name for the Christ in us.

The main text of the book is geared to show human beings how to live as ascended entities, anchored in the spirit of Christ Consciousness on this Earth. A  term that is used to describe the discipline that paves the way to heart based living is called “Agni Yoga” (the yoga of fire).

In this kind of yoga, all the dross of conflicting earthly desires in the heart is consumed in a baptism of fire. The purification of the expression of love provided by the baptism of fire sets the stage for the second coming of Christ in the heart chakra. Those who use their time on Earth to receive It (as opposed to Him/Her) will be reborn in Its’ likeness. Reading the text, I was reminded of the corresponding verses in the New Testament of the Bible dealing with the second coming of Christ, though of course, the text is adapted to the needs of the present time.       

No less important to the message of this book is the masterly introduction by Alexander Gerasimchuk. In this introduction, he spells out the reason behind the writing of this book, emphasizing that it contained a message for humanity to be delivered at the present time. He also shows that the author’s  work is  a continuation of the work of Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich, both of whom underwent severe physical disruption in order to ground the subtle energies associated with the practice of Agni Yoga on Earth. One becomes privy to a lot of activity behind the scenes, viz., the existence and functioning of Shambhala, the Seven Rays (mentioned by Alice Bailey in her books) which are the expression of the Seven Sons of Light, the “The continents of the planet were divided into seven spheres,…. each of them represents one of the  Seven Rays bearing certain energies in which the humanity of the entrusted territories develops.”, the activity of the White Brotherhood towards bringing Heaven down on Earth and especially, an account of the training underwent by Blavatsky, Roerich and Dushkova in order to accomplish their missions.                                   

It is not possible to recount all  the subtleties in this book in this already lengthy review. Suffice it to say that reading it gave me  a sense of deja vu, not unlike the  emotions I encountered on reading the New Testament about the second coming of Jesus. I sensed the music behind the words, it was as if I knew what was coming and felt my senses responding to the call. This book could be a harbinger of some great event that we, as a collective, have not conceived of yet and it behooves us to be attentive to its message.

Strongly recommended to one and all.