Author: Dr. Alexander Khomoutov

Publisher: Alexander Khom    A New Kind of Healing


The times, they are a-changin. Today, even as technology has achieved immense successes in changing the quality of life for many, there is yet much to be done in the health sector. There are a lot of chronic bodily malfunctions, e.g. neurodegenerative disorders, some forms of cancer, diseases caused by resistant bacteria and even fibromyalgia for which there is no specific cure. On the other hand, many people are also exploring the New Age/Vedic paradigm that all answers are within you, especially when it comes to diseases for which there is no cure according to conventional medicine, either for yourself, or your loved ones. This ebook documents the author’s own story as he cured himself of a nagging chest pain which would not let him sleep and which had been plaguing him for months on end.

After trying out several health giving options, including an early morning jog, a healthy diet, an assortment of herbal teas and acupuncture, the author approached a healer trained in kinesiology by Donna Eden, author of the seminal book “Energy Medicine”. This treatment helped for a short length of time, but it also paved the way for the author to understand and to modify a certain technique based on the principles of Kinesiology,  In this ebook, the author describes in detail how he uses this technique to communicate with his own spiritual DNA (see the Kryon books by Lee Carroll) to get specific yes/no answers to specific questions. This is followed by the actual conversation that the author had  with his spiritual DNA. Questions like what to eat, whether to exercise, how long something would take to heal and so on are taken up, The documentation continues until the pain disappears.

This is a very well written ebook in the best traditions of the same, concise, easy to read and packed with information with a personal touch. Yet this book affirms something more. This something is a gestalt, a sense of the ever present reality of the energy body that has all the answers we seek. A sense that with a few tweaks with our bodily movements, we can get answers to our life questions, answers that can make a real difference to our lives. This kind of documentation is very much the need of the hour, as we grapple with problems that require the use of coping faculties that we did not even know we possessed, faculties that are accessible only to our extended selves that stretch outside  of space time. We, need to realize that energy medicine is  real and one can indeed find solutions we seek, if we only ask in the right way.

Warmly recommended.