Author: Donna Zadunajsky

ISBN: 978-1523225088 

Publisher: CreateSpace 


A fragile piece of stain glass cannot whether the most dangerous storm and often shattered the pain when a strong wind blows. The outer shell of an egg does not always hold its shape after being placed in hot water and hardboiled. Although it appears to be hardened at times pieces of the shell crack off until the inner part is exposed and the shell falls apart.

At times our lives seem tenuous and we often feel like we are walking in a tightrope just waiting to fall off without any mat to catch us and prevent us from harm. Carla Michaels has been living her life in a state so fragile and self-destructing at times that her husband and friends often fear for her safety and her welfare.

But, teaching has been her passion and hoping to have her own child her dream and just as this dream was finally coming true, another piece of the stain glass comes apart, the chips are real and the end result will change her life forever. Tim Michaels has always been her mainstay and her rock yet within his life there are pieces of shattered glass, tiles from mosaic that never quite fit together in a perfect pattern that he has kept hidden from her until they are revealed. Hidden Secrets a book filled with so many that the author will keep you wondering just how many secrets will remain before the final pieces of glass fall apart.

Within the story we hear many voices past and present as the author weaves back and forth using journals that were sent to Carla after Tim was killed trying to safe a young child from abusive parents. As you read the journals and understand not only his thoughts growing up, dealing with a physically and abusive father, hiding his past from Carla and then other hidden secrets about their marriage and what happened after she finally had their daughter, the fragile pieces of glass come apart even more. It’s as if a balloon is filled with air and when it inflates too much the only thing left is the outer shell when it bursts.

As Carla reads the journals about Tim’s past, his feelings for her in the present and how he came to understand and want to help Samantha, a student in her class, the author reveals something that snaps her into action and from someone giving up on life to a woman determined to find the answers to the Hidden Secrets. With her friend Veronica and her other friend Ashley will she find the answers? What happens when she contacts the lawyer who sent the journals what else will she uncover? How will this piece her life back together or will the pieces of glass remain broken and shattered?

Each journal entry enlightens Carla not only to Tim’s past but that of someone else not knowing the truth behind the entries and having to search DNA records to learn more. Why did he need to know more about Samantha? What was his relationship to this child that she never knew? After losing four children and then having Mya for a short time what else will she uncover after reading the journals, finding out more about the woman who Samantha now lives with and why she can’t seem to remember going places, memory lapses and her bouts with depression and pills. Here Tim’s voice as his frustration comes through, Carla begins to question her life and her marriage as more pieces of the glass with either fall apart of come into focus.

When Carla unravels the journals, reads the entries, finds out more about DNA with the help of a friend a secret is revealed and it’s up to her whether to push aside the truth or embrace it. Abuse, distrust, betrayals, loyalties, memories, hope and the fear of always being alone are just some of the issues brought to light within this compelling novel.

Just how far did Tim go to hide a secret from Carla in order to bring her the happiness she wanted yet never knew? What startling revelation would change the course of her life in the future and will she finally realize that all secrets can be brought into the light, openly understood and the hope that no more pieces of that stain glass window will ever shatter again. What is Carla’s fate? What about Samantha and what will they learn together?

A strong novel with so many messages and a young woman that just might learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness,

Hidden Secrets: Shattered Dreams: Tattered Hearts: Broken Glass: or Hope!