Author: Cheryl Carpinello
Publisher:  Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3704-7

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Ever wonder about the childhood of a queen?  What shaped and formed her to be a leader?

Writing for children, Cheryl Carpinello delves into the early years of the Princess Guinevere, destined to become Queen to Arthur’s King.  The child Guinevere is not impressed or pleased with the thought of marrying Arthur.  She longs only to run free and stay a child playing with her best friend Cedwyn, a young boy with a destiny hooked to Guinevere’s own.

Ms. Carpinello takes her love and knowledge of Arthurian legend and the Knights of the Round Table and weaves a sweet tale of a young girl coming of age and fighting her destiny every step of the way.  But the wizard, Merlin, is always in the shadows to guide, protect and teach the young princess and even share some very special secrets with her. 

While shedding light on the youthful years of the legendary queen, Ms. Carpinello instills each chapter with vivid glimpses of the past and adds lessons of life that every child can and should take to heart.

The story of Guinevere as a girl is filled with adventures and misadventures as well as charming line illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.  Young people and adults alike will fall in love with the exuberant Guinevere and the faithful Cedwyn.  For adults the story brings back memories of the long lost days of childhood; for young readers it is a journey into legend and the distant past with just a sprinkling of magic.

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