Authors: Bob Warden, Anson Williams, and Mona Dolgov
Publisher: Partners In Publishing LLC
ISBN: 978-1-4951-7921

Get your taste buds ready and fired up while you take a whiff of the delicious pastries, meats, sandwiches, breads, salads and even cookies that rill the first two pages of this flavor filled gook. Can you smell the tomato soup? Want to get a taste of the homemade bread and the blueberry pancakes? What is really great is that each portion beautifully photographed in color is believe it or not only 100 calories. The perfect portion as it states is the: First of its kind cookbook with a team of authors who created tasty, healthier recipes that will make your mouth water. Each portion is 100 calories whether measured by cup, piece or slice. The authors New York Times best selling author Bob warden who has a definite passion for food and 30 years as a television cooking personality and has written over a dozen cookbooks. Anson Williams noted for his role in Happy Days is also an award winning television director, writer and producer. Add in Mona Dolgov a nutritionist and product development expect whose mission in life is to create food products that are healthier and recipes that are yummy and you have the foundation for what you are about to experience as you take this culinary journey along with this reviewer.

Anson Williams in the first chapter explains how he came upon the concept of 100 calories and how this works for him when creating portion sizes with his favorite snacks, soups, foods and much more to keep his weight at the right level. The challenge was how to create foods in 100 -calorie increments and reinventing some old recipes and turning them into 100- calorie delights.

Step one is creating the Perfect Portion Recipes and for this they explain the process with you the reader in mind.

The author’s voices are heard in the next chapter as Mona and Bob relate how they came to create the recipes, the portion sizes, which to include and their secret ingredient swaps, snacking advice, ingredient calorie index, exercise tips (that’s what I want) and healthy meal plans that you the reader will learn more about and will definitely help you get started in this new year eating healthy. 

The next section is vital in that it explains how to use this book, the planning guide on page 308 which I have noted, each recipe has an icon on the upper right corner that as the authors state: denotes the measurement used for a 100 calorie portion. Using their measurement system might take time but you’ll get the hang of it and when you do they state that you the reader will benefit at first by “physically measuring out portions until you become accustomed to the amount of food that fits on your serving utensils. The rest I think you need to read for yourself since this system was developed for you to adapt to you own individual goals and needs. Check out the Mac and cheese recipe on page 11. YUMMY!

The basis of this great book is that you can mix and match snacks, sides and entrees and desserts to create a daily plan according to how many calories you wish to consume in a day. The author’s created on based on 1800 calories. I am going to create one on less. The steps are clearly outlined on pages 12 and 13 how to block out your meal calories and using the reminder for snacks. The 3:100 ratio is clearly explained and the graph on page 12 is all encompassing.

In order to learn how to create your own meal plan read these two helpful pages and begin your journey. I went through the book with a fine appetite tooth comb and chose several out of the 150 that I found tempting and just might have my husband create since I don't know one end of a stove from another. Section One is breakfast and I only eat egg whites so the recipe for egg white and broccoli frittata sounds perfect. For those that can eat French toast check out the recipe and the pictures on page 16-17 and I guarantee you will want to try it on the spot. The 100 calorie biscuit if perfect for me and my favorite dish in the whole world: STEEL CUT OUTMEAL, thank you so much I might try doing this one myself.

Section 2 focuses on lunch and I would love to try the Waldorf Salad and the Open-faced tuna melts but you might love the Classic Tomato Soup which is featured on page 44 in living color. There are many other soups that you will definitely want to try as well as my husband’s favorite Mona’s Southwestern Chili the amazing photos bring the recipes to life. Next we have entrees like my favorite on page 117 Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken Thighs and Honey Mustard Salmon. My favorite food besides oatmeal is Pizza. The Supreme Flatbread Pizza is perfect for me. Sauces add something special to a dish and they are showcased starting on page 242 and finally what would we do without our desserts beginning on page 262. My favorite is Skinny Strawberry Milkshakes and Fantastic Fruit Parfaits. The final section will help you get started since the author’s included meal plans for the first week followed calorie portions for proteins, carbs, veggies that are cooked and raw, fruit, dairy and much more. So, get started. Read the book. The remainder of the book helps you learn to tip the scales in your favor, how to burn calories with tips on shopping, cooking, exercising and more. Begin your journey to healthy living NOW. A must have!