Follow Here To Purchase Holistic Medicine For Women's Health: Fighting Some Of Her Most Common Ailments

Author: Sauciron

Publisher: Sauciron 2014


 Go Herbal

It is well known that the kind of stress experienced by the average individual today is unprecedented. This kind of stress in our fast paced lifestyles requires us to be accessible 24/7, armed as we are with our mobile phones and other Internet paraphernalia. Preventive medicine against stress is as good as non-existent since it treats the symptoms of an ailment instead of the cause. Besides, administration of conventional medicine brings with it many adverse side-effects which can be extremely harmful in the long run.

To bridge the widening gap between the health and well-being requirements of those who are stressed out and the increasingly limited capacity of modern medicine to deliver from its isolated, ivory tower precincts of scientific validity, there has been brewing a groundswell of opinion against the efficacy of the former to actually effect a genuine cure. This is where this book comes in. It offers an alternative way of looking at diseases which is considerable more soothing when administered in the long run, while simultaneously being bolstered by hard core science, viz. an altered diet and the use of supplements.

The author’s disenchantment with conventional medicine has its roots on a very personal level. His attempts to care for his beloved mother, suffering from a stroke went futile. This book is a repository of the results of his study and research in the field of medicine while serving as a caregiver to his mother.

To this effect, he takes up the treatment of some of our most common health problems, e.g. headaches, candida, fibromyalgia, herpes, endometriosis, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity, breast cancer, depression and lupus among others and provides simple prescriptions involving the intake of supplements, dietary changes, especially avoidance of all processed food and small alterations in lifestyle. This approach is being increasingly advocated today by many other well known names in the medical profession, prominent among them being Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Eric Braverman.

If you are in need of an alternative treatment for an ailment that is not responding to conventional medicine, read this book. The prescriptions are short and easy to follow without lengthy discussions about exact functioning. In particular, there is a good introductory discussion on the hot topic of epigenetics..

I recommend this book warmly to all, especially those who are disillusioned with insensitive and invasive medical procedure.