Follow Here To Purchase Licardo Prince: An Accidental Assassin

Author: Koop Kooper

Publisher: BearManor Media (August 9, 2015)

For many, Koop Kooper is best known for his Australia-based “Cocktail Nation,” an internationally Syndicated radio show broadcast across twenty radio stations as well as a popular Podcast. It mainly consists of vintage lounge and tiki music along with a smattering of interviews, a number of which have been collected in two print editions from BearManor Media.

Now Kooper has taken many of the elements from the “Cocktail Nation” Playboy lifestyle and incorporated them into the fictional exploits of the amoral “accidental assassin,” Licardo Prince. To be clear, Prince didn’t become an assassin-for-hire by accident, but rather he specializes in taking out his targets by arranging clever and seemingly untraceable accidents. It all happens so the former spy can afford his high-flying lifestyle headquartered in a swank penthouse in Monte Carlo. Obviously, he doesn’t come cheap. Ironically, he ends up saving the royal family of Monaco by taking on a fellow assassin who shares both Prince’s skill set and “accidental” approach.

Licardo Prince is a very short, fast-paced novella that’s deliberately thin on character development but is detailed in its descriptions of the milieu in which the assassin operates. Emulating his creator’s tastes, Prince attends a gig by the Martini Kings, a quartet often plugged on the “Cocktail Nation.” Both Kooper and Prince dig retro clothes, sexy babes, and vintage cars. Kooper clearly reads old-fashioned spy stories as there are numerous references to the tradecraft Prince uses as well as the processes that go through his mind as he sets up his kills while evading, he hopes, being discovered by the law. Most of the literary trappings should be familiar to readers of old-school spy novels; what is new are the unusual methods Prince employs to eliminate his prey, sometimes on the fly, mostly months in the planning.

It’s obvious this yarn is intended to set up a series of future adventures with Prince likely to continue his duel with that other high-dollar assassin. Licardo Prince is a light read and, priced at 99 cents, likely to appeal to those who enjoy jet-setting adventures they can experience in one or two short sittings. Just don’t start imagining ways you can permanently eliminate folks who are crimping your own style . . .