Follow Here To Purchase Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Hormones, Detoxification, Super Immunity, Reversing Calcification, and Total Rejuvenation


Author:  David Wolfe

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 978-1-58394-614-5

                                           Combating the “Dietary Holocaust”

This book is a very valuable resource presenting “cutting edge breakthroughs in nutrition, cellular cleansing, detoxification,  weight loss, life extension and immune system transformation by focusing on two key elements, creating hormone health and strategies to defeat calcification. These elements are the two intertwining trees of “Longevity Now” (created by the well-known health profile, David Wolfe).The fertile soil these trees grow in is good, in fact, exceptional nutrition”.

The aim of the “Longevity Now” is designed to enable us to “step into higher energy states where we feel a deeper joy in being alive, a deeper sense of well being, a return of laughter and the big four letter word H-O-P-E where we feel that things are turning a corner and going in a positive direction”:

To the above end, the first four chapters of this book focus on excellent nutrition and elimination, consuming food from organic, biodynamic, raw, wild food sources. The fifth chapter contains six strategies to “level the hormonal playing field” by increasing the “androgen” hormones in the metabolism, negating hormonal triggers to disease and removing bad estrogens and cortisol.

The discussion on hormones is followed with five specific strategies that are designed to combat  calcification, which is known to be the most important cause for aging. This way, an overall superior level of health is created. These strategies are more effective when nutrition and hormone suggestions have been heeded, according to the author.

The text contains a large number of sidebars, dealing with supplementary issues. Some of them acquaint us with the wide range of foods, especially delicious fruits that are made available to us by Nature. The author also takes up a discussion on dietary supplements. There are also a number of recipe suggestions for smoothies, drinks, soups, ice cream and teas.

As mentioned above, this book is a valuable reference book. It is not a book to be kept on your bedside table for a light read before slumber overtakes. Although this book is relatively easy to read, many of the ingredients it suggests as food are not so easy to come by. For example, one suggestion is to drink clear spring water direct from the source, even bottled water will not do. Another suggestion is the use of hemp seeds, a product that is illegal in most countries.

Either way, this book unlocks the door to a whole new dimension of nutrition as the title suggests. It addresses itself to those who want to feel a markedly new awareness of Life. While much of the information is superficial, this book promotes an outside in approach to the Self, while emphasizing the time factor, i.e. it takes time to change entrenched food habits and of the importance of doing it slowly. As mentioned earlier, it is a book that will awake dormant life, if the suggestions are followed.

Warmly recommended.