today is honored to have as our guests, Dr. H. John McIntosh and Rev. Elizabeth McIntosh authors of Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts: Secrets For a Longer, Happier Life.

John is known as the “Medical Guru” through his columns and media presence and he received his medical degree from Dundee University in Scotland. He received his Specialist Physician qualification in 1988 from the Royal College of Physicians (UK) and specialist Family Physician qualifications in 1990 from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Other certifications include: Approved Trainer of medical students, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; James Cook University Medical School, Central Queensland University; Trainer of Cognitive Institute programs, Cognitive Institute of Australia; Approved Trainer of sports medicine first aid courses, Sports Medicine, Australia; and Approved Allergan Cosmetic Injector training and trainer of injectors (doctors and nurses). Dr. McIntosh was the driving force in the building of the Mackay GP Superclinic. In 2013, his medical clinics were awarded the national AGPAL Community Engagement Award for outstanding level of commitment and involvement of the community and won a finalist award in the 2014 Telstra Australian Business Awards.

Rev. Elizabeth McIntosh is known as the “Positivity Expert” from her life’s work and research in the field. She trained as a life and wellness coach; certified personal fitness trainer under Ken Ware, Mr. Universe of 1994; counselor, hypnotherapist, meditation and yoga teacher; and spa trainer. Elizabeth is a Reiki master Levels 1, 2 and 3, and a Reiki Master Trainer. She holds a BMSc in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona and the University of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister through the University of Metaphysics. She runs retreats at her resort in Bali and has produced a series of CDs on health, relaxation, and success, and a TV documentary series, as well as being a magazine columnist and radio talkback presenter.

Norm: Good day Dr. John and Rev. Elizabeth and thanks for participating in our interview.

What motivated you to write Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts: Secrets For a Longer, Happier Life? As a follow up, whom do you believe will benefit from your book and why?

Dr. John – As a medical practitioner for the past 30 years, I have been dealing with the health effects of negative thinking and a large portion of my treatment requires me to help individuals change how they react. While as a doctor, I can only do this one person at a time, with a book, I hope to help large numbers of people and spread the philosophy around the world!

Rev. Elizabeth – Just like John, I have been in the health industry too as a counselor and therapist and while my work is more focused on the complementary medicines, with NLP, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation, John and I will usually be moving people to the same positive approach in life to create solutions that empower individuals and take them forward in ways that are permanently sustainable.

Norm: What was the time-line between the time you decided to write your book and publication? What were the major events along the way? How did you both collaborate in its writing?

Dr. John + Elizabeth – It has taken us about 4 years from writing the first words to final publication and this was because during that time we continued to run our full time practices and businesses around the world. The daily and immediate pressures usually pushed the book writing down the priority list but we kept at it as we knew the importance of getting this information out!

Major events along the way – one huge epiphany that we had was realising that this concept was not just valid for individuals and workplaces to help their personal lives and relationships, but this had global implications as all the world unrest, religious intolerance, wars and leaders that promote violence against others is all based on NITs, or Negative Impulsive Thoughts. Additionally, if the broader population can see the flaws in their leaders logic, they will chose more positive and tolerant leaders.

How did we collaborate? Very easily actually – we both wrote chapters in our own areas of skills and then edited each others sections. The biggest problem was trying to avoid putting the same information in several times but we did make a choice to leave some very important facts in several times so the message got through!

Norm: How did you come up with the title: Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts: Secrets For a Longer, Happier Life?

Dr. John – This was very much a joint effort. We were brainstorming and trying to think of a great term to call the negative thoughts that would help in the understanding and were playing around with terms and acronyms – using negative, thoughts, unconconcious, automatic and impulsive. Liz came up with the “Impulsive” idea and I put it together as “NITs” and the wonderful analogy with nits that are head lice is that both are irritating, annoying, hard to recognise, hard to treat and spread from person to person like an epidemic!

Rev. Elizabeth – This is often how we work where we throw ideas around and it is always hard to remember whose idea it was but comes from the banter and creative energy that we have together.

Norm: Why do you think this is an important book at this time and how has the feedback been so far? What are your hopes for the book?

Rev. Elizabeth – This was always going to be an important book because it is a revolutionary new approach that allows people to recognize their negative thoughts and change them into positive alternatives. While there have been many books propounding the need for positive thinking, this is the first time that the keys to recognizing and removing the negative thoughts has been developed.

Any age can understand the principles and this will give strategies for overcoming bullies in schoolyards, drama in the workplace, discrimination, gossip and sarcasm and will even improving any relationships especially intimate relationships!

Dr. John: Why is so important now? With the world seemingly so entrenched with intolerance, bigotry, judgement that is breaking through with violence and bad attitudes on the streets around the world, solutions are provided if the philosophies in the book are followed.

Feedback to this book has been fantastic with everyone benefiting according to the level that they are at. Because the principles are universal, it crosses cultures, countries and religious boundaries.

Hopes for the book? We want NITs to be a household term and known around the world because if everyone understands and eliminates NITs from their lives, the ripples of positivity, allowance, tolerance and respect will make the world a better place. So we want everyone to have the book – we believe so strongly that we are willing to give away a large number of these books!

Norm: What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges? Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Dr. John: Our major challenge was time so fitting in the writing time was overcome with squeezing it in on planes, trains and car trips and late nights when the information was bursting out of our brains!

Rev. Elizabeth : Navigating our way through the new exciting world of publishing was a challenge with many pitfalls that needed to be avoided along the way. These issues were overcome with research and extensive double checking of information and processes to make sure that they were the best for us.

We started with passion and knowledge about the subject and we grew enormously on a personal level and at a knowledge level from the research on the subject. We also realised that the implications of this subject was huge and had far greater implications on personal, workplace and global levels than we first realised.

Norm: It is said that writers should write what they know. Were there any elements of the book that forced you to step out of your comfort zone, and if so, how did you approach this part of the writing?

Dr. John – This is our area of expertise and professional training! We have been living these philosophies for years and writing the book allowed us to crystallize the principles in an effective and easy to understand process.

However in the book, we have given many personal stories and experiences that lay many parts of our lives in the open. Allowing the public that close into our lives was a stretch for me especially as doctors tend to keep their professional and personal lives every separate.

Rev. Elizabeth - Our biggest challenge was trying to limit the amount of information so that it could fit in one book! The solution obviously is that we need to write the next books specifically aimed at teaching children these principles, about improving intimate relationships and the atmosphere in the workplace.

Norm: What has been your overall experience as published authors?

Rev. Elizabeth : It is a very exciting and interesting field where you learn new information about the industry that can only come from being right inside it! The journey is amazing and the wonderful people that we meet along the way reinforces our belief in the generosity of humanity!

Dr. John: Having the first hard copy in our hands was a wonderful moment and getting positive feedback from around the world has taken our breath away! The genuine excitement about the importance of this subject confirms our original feelings that we had we started this book!

Norm: Where can our readers find out more about you and your book?

Dr. John + Rev. Elizabeth – Our BOOK WEBSITE  and our professional positivity website with wider services can be seen HERE

Norm: What is next for Dr. John and Rev. Elizabeth?

Dr. John – We have only just scratched the surface – we had to restrict the content to fit into this book and more inspiring and motivating books are on the way. We are looking for people that have overcome difficult situations and negative thoughts to achieve success to create another inspiring and motivating read about other people’s success to prove that anyone can do it!

Rev. Elizabeth – We already provide No-NITs training to groups and businesses and will run “No-NITs Days” where everyone focuses on being and saying only positive things and spread the NITs awareness around the world!

Norm: As this interview draws to a close what one question would you have liked me to ask you? Please share your answer.

Dr. John – Who would benefit from this book?

Everyone would benefit from this book! Even for people that are already positive, these processes make you more effectively remove the negative and flick them into positive thoughts. Some people really need it and if you know anyone like that, do the world a favor and buy it for them…..

You just need to look at what is happening around the world today to understand that a book of this nature is exactly what the world needs right now!

Rev. Elizabeth – What is unique about this concept compared to previous books on positivity?

People can’t be positive unless they recognize and remove their negative thoughts. This is first time that negative thoughts have been clearly defined with the revolutionary “3 Magic Questions” to easily recognise them and then our 3 step process changes them into positive affirmative thoughts (PATs)!

We want to emphasize the fact that if people take up the concept and philosophies in this book, it has not only the potential to change peoples personal lives but make a positive shift in the attitudes in the whole world, and this is exactly what the world needs right now!

Norm: Thanks once again and good luck with all of your future endeavors

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