Authors: Jennifer and Joe Remling
Publisher: The Career Press, Inc.,
ISBN: 978-1-60163-052-0

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Everyone wants to leave the rat race and try their own dreams. Carve Your Own Road, was written to help us do just that. It is based on the theory, Mindset on Clarity, which states picturing yourself doing successful things build the same neural pathways as doing them.

Jennifer and Joe Remling practice what they preach and the first part of the book is how they took the leap and realized their dreams. They wanted to try to do something to change their almost dull existence. They had well-paying jobs and the trappings of the American dream but they felt unfulfilled. They became their own bosses but had even bigger aspirations‘.

Jennifer had an wild and crazy dream, to tour America in an Airstream trailer, collecting stories of people who went out and pursued their own fantasy. Their tales enables average readers to perceive the power of the mind. By visualizing with the mind’s eye what their life could be with a few changes, they start on the path to success. Not only is there the promise of pursuing their own path, but by using the methods readers can radically change the jobs they already have.

Mindset of Clarity is in itself simple and Jennifer and Joe do a great job breaking down each step so anyone can understand. Readers are encouraged to clarify what they want and to set large goals to be pursued. Then they picture themselves accomplishing this, the brain building the same neural pathways as if they were doing the actions. This leads to determined effect that helps to achieve the major goal. Reflection and thankfulness are used to keep them charged and on track.

While this book is geared towards changing jobs, it could be used for anything a person wants to achieve. An example could be weight loss. A reader sets the goal of losing a large amount of weight and visualizes doing just that. This gives her the determination to do what is necessary to accomplish weight loss and by reflecting and encouraging oneself, the dieter continues on the right path.

The only confusing part of this book is the fact that some real life stories were stuck in-between the first part, which was Jennifer and Joe’s story, and the instructions on the Mindset of Clarity. Since real life stories are so expertly meshed in the first and second part, the adding of a bulk of extra stories breaks up the otherwise great flow.

Click Here To Purchase Carve Your Own Road: Do What You Love and Live the Life You Envision