Author:Gerry Gaston
Publisher: Laura Livi

When we think of pirates, we think of unruly men who are out to gain treasure and generally create havoc while they are doing it. But now, young pirate enthusiasts can take witness to a different type of crew. This particular crew is very diverse, but don't get it wrong, although there are both men and young women on this ship they are still very much a bunch that takes their treasure hunting very seriously.

Young readers can follow along as the captain and her crew, Stretch, Skeeter and Squito, to name a few, set sail for an adventure that entails gold, battles with other pirate ships and some shopping. The twist to this tail is that readers get to choose where to start their adventure. Each page has a scroll with directions. Readers can skip around the pages of the story to create their very own unique adventure. Colorful illustrations and an easy to read and follow storyline make this pirate tale a great story for young pirates who are just learning to read.

Gaston has a wonderful way of making reading interactive and fun. Parents and teachers will embrace the idea of a treasure hunt for the story itself. This is an idea that will get new readers engaged in reading and searching for where the story will take them. The characters are easy to relate to for readers of all ages. This is a great twist on a pirates tale.

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