Author: Avraham Azrieli

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 13: 97814942817552

In Avraham Azrieli's fifth work of fiction, Thump, something is very rotten in the Baltimore firm of KKG Investment Management Inc, where a handsome African-American, Thurgood Marshall (T.M.) Jefferson (more commonly known to his friends and associates as Thump) is employed.

As the yarn unfolds we learn that Thump is a hustler as well as quite a ladies' man and apparently he uses his sexual prowess to attract rich widows and businesswomen to his firm where his associates can reap enormous sums of money in managing their investments. Here is more juicy gossip, Thump is also involved with one of the partners of the company, Henrietta Kingman, who had been influential in his hiring and uses him to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite. What is more is that Henrietta refers other potential female clients to Thump that likewise are sexually attracted to him and whom he obliges as long as it means bringing in new clients to his firm and furthering his career.

Matters, however, become dicey, when Thump falls in love with a beautiful nurse and is determined to put an end to his liaison with Henrietta. And as most of us are familiar with the expression, “hell has no fury like a woman scorned,” Thump finds himself dumped by his company after he was just named a VP. It seems someone tampered with his computer causing him to lose vital documentation that was to be part of a presentation to a very important client. There was no backup of the data and his superiors felts that this was cause enough for his firing.

All of this leads to Thump bringing a lawsuit against his former company for sexual harassment. However, we have to ask ourselves, does he really have a solid case when you ponder if he was actually being used, abused, and coerced into numerous encounters with Henrietta or, was he acting as a whore, prostituting himself for promotion and income as pointed out to him by his attorney, Ruth O'Connor. Incidentally, O'Connor was a highly effective judge until she suddenly resigned from the bench without an explanation.

Percolating nicely around the sexual harassment theme, Azrieli briefly slips in broader issues concerning African-American crime, ghetto culture, the relative absence of nuclear families (those having both a father and mother present), the myth concerning the penises of African-Americans and racial disparities insofar as incarceration is concerned. And here is where O'Connor is accused of being a racist due to her outspoken views concerning these topics.

Recognizing the value of careful well-paced plot construction, good writing, and characterization, Azrieli has crafted a thoughtful and gripping narrative. I will be honest with you, there is something captivating when we mix spicy sex, lust, greed, and a protagonist that acts with such abandon as long as the end justifies the means. Although this may not be the stuff of great literature, there is never a dull moment, which in the end makes for a highly entertaining read that maintains the reader's interest. Something else, Azrieli also understands the importance of research and he makes good use of his law schooling as well several works of scholars, authors and jurisprudence. Al in all, a quick read.

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