Author: Patricia Cori

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 978-1-58394-706-7, 978-1-58394-707-4

                                               Listen to the Whales

This is the second book by Patricia Cori on the subject of whales. In the first book, entitled Before We Leave You (BWLY), the author relates how she had been contacted by a spokesman of their tribe (whales and dolphins) and told to pass on the message that they were on the verge of extinction and if mankind continued with their experiments with underwater sonar and extreme low frequency (ELF) waves, they would die out completely. In this fast paced thriller, she draws upon the experience mentioned in the earlier book to create a scenario that connects seamlessly with material in her previously channeled works, viz., “The Sirian Experiments” series. These books deal with the secret cartel that govern the most powerful governments of the world today, also called “The Illuminati”. The scenario that Patricia has conjured in this book, is possibly the result of a recurring dream she has had, that she has mentioned in BWLY. This story therefore feels eerily real, not least because of the pure passion that characterizes all of Patricia’s work and her very deep connection with the Cetacean family.

Many of my childhood dreams were haunting scenes of a gigantic tsunami and some indescribable cataclysm that wiped out the entire civilization”- (taken from BWLY).

Jamie Hastings, the protagonist of The Emissary is a born second generation psychic. She is witness to a mass beaching of whales in New Zealand where she is holidaying. As she takes in the horror of the event, she notices one dying female of the species who is heavily pregnant. The two make a special contact, and it seems that an unspoken message has been transferred between them. Unknown to Jamie, two other similar mass deaths have taken place, all three triggered by the same source in Alaska, military transmission towers sending out ELF waves that play havoc with the navigation systems of birds, fish and marine animals.

On another front, the super rich Texan tycoon Mat Anderson whose stocks are not yielding satisfactory returns, happens to notice Jamie on a TV talk show and finds himself fascinated by her personality. He researches her background as a psychic and subsequently makes contact with her, asking her to help him prospect for oil in the North Pacific, in an area which also happened to be a sanctuary for orcas. Jamie reluctantly agrees because she sees an opportunity of doing something to brighten the future of the animals. She sets sail on a luxury yacht equipped with the latest in navigation and a varied crew viewing her with varying degrees of suspicion. The yacht is under the command of an ex marine with a presence and a dog who never leaves his master’s side.

The captain and Jamie hit it off on their first encounter. The yacht ventures into orca territory and that is when the action starts.

This is when Jamie realizes that she is meant to be an emissary for the whales. In this portrayal, Patricia draws freely from her own experience, to convey the urgency of the message.

The ending seems quite appropriate and the conversation and the characters seem plausible and uncontrived. The story follows the well known David- Goliath scenario, little psychic Jamie Hastings and the whales who choose her as their emissary, pitted against the combined and organized might of the government behind governments, the Illuminati. There is also a mention of alien crafts working in concert with the whales.

Speaking for myself, I got a perspective of how much we have made these magnificent and sentient beings suffer due to our myopic sense of profit. I also fished out an old copy of BWLY and re-read it with renewed enthusiasm.

I strongly recommend this book and its predecessor, BWLY to all lovers of the Cetacean family. They will find very interesting and intriguing information, information essential for our collective survival.

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